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From: Kevin <gentoo-dev@××××××.biz>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] gdm-, XOrg/Gnome problems with Xkb Options and Xorg/xfs problem
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 14:21:03
Hi Folks-

Any particular reason why gdm- (latest) is not in portage?  I see 
that gnome 2.6 has been in portage for awhile now, and I have 2.6.1_rc1 
installed, but the latest gdm ebuild in portage is still

I just renamed my gdm ebuild in portage, put it in my overlay 
dir, renamed the selinux patch in files/ and wala, got a nice 2.6 gdm 
(which apparently has many new features over 2.4, though I haven't 
explored them at all yet).

While I'm asking about gdm, can anyone comment on these XOrg/Gnome 
problems I'm having (recently posted to gentoo-user but which elicited 
no replies)?

I recently upgraded from xfree-4.3.0-r5 to xorg-x11-6.7.0-r1 and am 
having some problems.  I've read the related posts in gentoo-user and 
gentoo-dev and in the forums, but don't see solutions to these issues 
being reported by anyone (though someone else in gentoo-user reported 
the same Xkb problem).

One of my problems is apparently with the XKB options in the DeviceInput 
section of xorg.conf, but it only seems to show up when starting gnome 
and then only when I login in to gdm as root.

I'm running this on an HP/compaq nx9010 laptop computer and I used the 
xorg.conf file found here as a base for 
my own.  I made some modifications to it based on the xorg docs I've 

The hardware in this laptop is as follows:
P4 2.4GHz
Bus1, Device5, Function0: ATI Radeon IGP 340M (rev 0)

I'm using the radeon driver that is included in the XOrg package because 
it's the only one that seems to give me a functional X display at all.  
I do have ati-drivers and ati-drivers-extra installed, but when I use 
the "fglrx" driver from ati-drivers in my xorg.conf file, X refuses to 
start at all.  The server reports no devices found so I guess the fglrx 
driver does not support the Radeon IGP 340M, but isn't that driver from 
ATI?  I tried the opengl-update ati command after putting fglrx in the 
Driver parameters of xorg.conf and before starting xdm (gdm), but no 
help there either.

The man 4 radeon page shows 2D-only support for this card/chip with this 
driver.  I'd like to have 3D support, but as I said, fglrx won't start 
up X.

Using the radeon driver, when I start X with XSESSION in make.conf set 
to Gnome (logging into gdm as root), I get a dialog that says:

Error activating XKB configuration.
Probably internal X server problem.

X server version data:
Gentoo Linux (The X.Org Foundation 6.7.0, revision r1-1.1)

If you report this situation as a bug, please include:
-The result of xprop -root | grep XKB
-The result of gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/xkb

I've pasted the output of these commands here:

_XKB_RULES_NAMES_BACKUP(STRING) = "xorg", "pc105", "us", "", ""
_XKB_RULES_NAMES(STRING) = "xorg", "pc105", "us", "", ""

 layouts = [us]
 model = pc105
 overrideSettings = false
 options = []

I don't get this when I log in as a normal user.  Anyone know how to fix 
this or is it something I should even be concerned about (probably won't 
login to gdm as root very often---but are there other hidden 

I don't get this when I login using kdm to start kde or when I use 
startx/.xinitrc to start enlightenment or fvwm or twm.  I'm using all 
of the latest packages (xorg-x11-6.7.0-r1, kde-3.2.3, gnome-2.6.1_rc1, 
fvwm-2.5.10-r5, enlightenment-0.16.7_pre4).

I've followed the guidance at, but can't 
seem to resolve this problem with any clues there.  In fact, I think my 
xorg.conf file has the exact same options they describe using there 
(except pc105).

Below, I've included my xorg.conf file in case it helps someone figure 
out what's going on here.  I initially had "xfree" in the XkbRules 
Option parameter and that gave the same results.


Section "ServerLayout"
        Identifier     "Default Layout"
        Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0
        Screen      1  "Screen1" RightOf "Screen0"

        InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
        InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
        #InputDevice    "DevInputMice" "AlwaysCore"

Section "Files"
        RgbPath      "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb"
        FontPath     "tcp/localhost:7100"

Section "Module"
        Load  "dbe"
        Load  "extmod"
        Load  "fbdevhw"
        Load  "glx"
        Load  "record"
        Load  "freetype"
        Load  "type1"

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier  "Keyboard0"
        Driver      "keyboard"
        Option      "XkbRules" "xorg"
        Option      "XkbModel" "pc105"
        Option      "XkbLayout" "us"
        Option      "XkbOptions" ""

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier  "Mouse0"
        Driver      "mouse"
        Option      "Protocol" "IMPS/2"
        Option      "Device" "/dev/mouse"
        Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
        Option      "Emulate3Buttons" "yes"

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier   "Monitor0"
        VendorName   "Monitor Vendor"
        ModelName    "Generic Laptop Display Panel 1024x768"
        Option      "dpms"

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier   "Monitor1"

Section "Device"
        Identifier   "First ATI Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
        Driver       "radeon"
        VendorName   "ATI Radeon Mobility"
        BoardName    "Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
        BusID        "PCI:1:5:0"
        Option       "AGPMode" "4"
        Screen       0

Section "Device"
    Identifier      "Second ATI Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
    Driver          "radeon"
    BusID           "PCI:1:5:0"
    VendorName      "ATI Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
    BoardName       "Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
    Screen          1

Section "Screen"
        Identifier "Screen0"
        Device     "First ATI Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
        Monitor    "Monitor0"
        DefaultDepth     24
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     16
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     24

Section "Screen"
        Identifier "Screen1"
        Device     "Second ATI Radeon Mobility IGP 345M"
        Monitor    "Monitor1"
        DefaultDepth     24
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     16
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     24

Section "DRI"
        Group        0
        Mode         0666

Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "Xinerama" "true"

I'm also having difficulty getting X to work with the X Font Server 
using unix sockets (thus the tcp port mentioned above).  The xorg.conf 
man page states:

FontPath "path"
sets the search path for fonts.  This path is a comma  separated
list  of  font  path elements which the Xorg server searches for
font databases.  Multiple FontPath entries may be specified, and
they  will  be concatenated to build up the fontpath used by the
server.  Font path elements may  be  either  absolute  directory
paths,  or  a  font  server identifier.  Font server identifiers
have the form:


where <trans> is the transport type to use  to  connect  to  the
font server (e.g., 1 for UNIX-domain sockets or tcp for a TCP/IP
connection), <hostname> is the hostname of the  machine  running
the  font  server, and <port-number> is the port number that the
font server is listening on (usually 7100).

But I couldn't get X to start using either "1" or "unix" (older syntax?) 
in the place of <trans> above in any combination.  Does the hostname 
need to be present with unix sockets?  What about the port number?  I 
tried with and without hostname/port to no avail.

Can anyone point out any mistakes in my configs here?  Or perhaps offer 
suggestions on solutions?  I'd be glad to follow up with 
my /var/log/Xorg.0.log file with various parameters changed if it would 



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