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From: (Achim Gottinger)
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] new guides
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 06:27:29
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] new guides by Jerry A!
1 > The freeze module will covert the python code to c and then compile it.
3 Sounds good in theory, does it work better that perl->c?
5 > I think we can also look at using stripped down version of Python, like
6 > stackless or pippy.
8 Yes that must be evaluated.
10 I guess I'm just very pro-python. We've developed
11 > a great system that through the use of a very-high level scripting
12 > language provides an easy framework for hacking and extensibility. I'd
13 > hate to see that lost.
15 As long as daniel lives, you whoun't see that lost. The plan is to
16 convert parts of
17 the ebuild python code to c++ once it is stable. Do you plan to hack
18 things like the
19 dependencie system? So finaly the core of ebuild will be c++ code used
20 by a python module.
21 Then it is possible to write modules for ebuild in other languages too.
22 >
23 > Since time is limited, why don't we just concentrate on what we've
24 > always been doing? I figure that if can publish an API, then others can
25 > develop ebuild in other languages.
26 >
27 I do not see a sense in using other languages than bash for ebuild's
28 functions, but
29 it whould be great to have a perl module from which I can access ebuilds
30 functions.
31 Of cause we currently concentrate on what we've always been doing.
32 I'm reworking all our packages since two month to make intensive use of
33 the USE variables.
34 Once I'm finished we should be able to use USE as a global config file
35 for all packages.
36 So for example if you set "mysql" in USE all packages that can be linked
37 against mysql
38 get linked against it. I think this is usefull for embedded systems too,
39 because it can
40 reduce the package's size immense. There is no need for native languages
41 support, pam or
42 readline on an internet radio.
43 Unfortunately all this is much more time-consumning as I thought and
44 that is a main cause
45 why there was no new release in the past. But once it is finished I
46 swear that it will be real
47 fun.
49 > : BTW: Jerry, are you still headbanging or did you get gentoo working now?
50 >
51 > No. Unfortunately, I've become the latest dot-com casualty.
52 Urgh, sorry to hear that, hope you get a new job soon.
54 So, the
55 > Vaio z505 had to go back. I went to a computer show over the weekend
56 > and picked up the parts to put together a 1GHz Athlon system (I even
57 > picked up a pcmcia bay so I can still try and get laptop portages made).
58 > So, it's back to the drawing board for figuring out how to bootstrap
59 > this puppy.
61 I made a package for yard, which is a nice system for building rescue
62 and install discs. Simplified
63 you pass a list of binraies you want to have on a disc and yard finds te
64 required libs and builds
65 a working image for you. Debian uses a nice script to reduce the size of
66 the shared libraries for such
67 a disc by building the shared libs from _pic.a archives with only the
68 required funtions. This can reduce
69 for exanple glibc's size to nearly the half.
70 The problem is that yard currently has the path to the config stuff
71 hardcoded, so it must be hacked to
72 read an env var or an parameter (should not be difficult).
73 Once this is done, I think it's even good for making images for embedded
74 systems.
75 Additionaly I try to use syslinux for the boot disc. Hopefully this
76 works better than our current system.
77 Once more it's more time-consuming than expected but real fun in the
78 end.
80 All the trials we made for a week to get gentoo running on your vaio
81 where tested here on an Athlon system,
82 so hopefully it will work on your system too.
83 Maybe I can upload new snapshot releases for build and sys this week.
85 bye achim~
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88 > --Jerry
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