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From: Alec Warner <antarus@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo, Google's Summer of Code, and You
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 04:01:28
1 As many of you know by now, Gentoo has been chosen to fill one of the
2 last spaces in this year's Google Summer of Code. This is a great
3 opportunity for developers and users to interact and help out Gentoo as
4 well as the OSS community.
6 For those of you who haven't heard of Google's Summer of Code, here is a
7 quick overview. Google's SoC is an initiative whereby Google funds the
8 development of a selected number of OSS projects. This year, only
9 students are allowed to do actual development for Google's SoC. But
10 anyone who is a Gentoo developer can mentor a Student on one of the
11 projects for which Gentoo is the Mentoring Organization.
13 The role of a Mentor is as someone who has knowledge in the project
14 domain and can assist the student in a strategic development role, as
15 opposed to actually writing code. Mentors are involved in evaluating
16 the work of the student and monitoring the project's progress, and is
17 also instrumental in enabling the student to complete the project by
18 providing the student with the tools needed to complete the project
19 (think about someone who needs read-only cvs access to the tree, for
20 example).
22 Prospective Mentors:
23 All Gentoo developers should have received the mail sent to -core about
24 Gentoo's acceptance into Google SoC. The information and links to sign
25 up as a Mentor for Gentoo are enclosed in that mail, whose message ID
26 has been provided for your reference [1]. If you are interested please
27 see the -core e-mail for details, as well as the Mentor FAQ[6]. You
28 cannot be both a Mentor and a Student in SoC. Please choose carefully
29 which role you will play. Those who are not Gentoo developers may stll
30 apply for the role of Mentor on behalf of Gentoo. If you are
31 not a Gentoo developer but are interested in applying, please stop by
32 the IRC[4] channel or send mail to Gentoo User Relations[7]. Please
33 have a few projects in mind when applying for Mentorship. The Gentoo
34 SoC team is hoping to have more Mentors than projects; backup Mentors
35 are encourage by Google.
37 Attention Gentoo developers: You cannot be both a Mentor and a Student,
38 so please be aware that you must work on a proposal that is different
39 from your normal Gentoo work if you are looking to participate in SoC as
40 a Student.
42 Mentors, if you have applied and have not yet heard back please contact
43 the Gentoo SoC project leads for the outcome of your application[2].
45 Prospective Students:
46 If you are interested in participating as a student with Gentoo for the
47 SoC, please take a look at our current project list[2]. Note that it is
48 undergoing continuous improvement as we add proposals, Mentors, etc.
50 All interested students should refer to Google's Student FAQ[3] to check
51 whether they are eligible to participate in the SoC with Gentoo. For
52 Gentoo developers who are also Students, you are probably eligible to
53 work on SoC for Gentoo provided you work on a proposal that is in a
54 different area than your normal Gentoo developer work. Once again
55 please check the Student FAQ[3] for more details. Student applications
56 are open May 1st through the 8th. The URL for the student application
57 is not yet known. The project page will be updated with the link as
58 soon as we receive it from Google.
60 Project Ideas/Discussion:
61 Anyone can submit project ideas and contribute to the discussion of
62 existing project ideas. Those who have new ideas or comments on
63 existing ideas for Gentoo's SoC, please submit them via E-mail to the
64 Gentoo SoC mailing list[4] or on IRC[5]. If you are unsure of your idea
65 or wish to ask questions you may do so via the same means. As always,
66 feel free to ask any questions using those two avenues of communication
67 to ensure that the correct people receive your thoughts.
69 Thanks,
71 The Gentoo Summer Of Code Project
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