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From: Rob Harrowfield <robboh@×××××××.nz>
To: m_urri@×××××××.com
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-user] Help please...
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 20:50:18
1 Enric wrote:
2 > I'm very sorry because surely it isn't the correct adress to send this
3 > question, but i haven't found any other.
4 > But I've a problem with my recently installed gentoo linux. I'm a newbie
5 > in this world.
6 > After finished a (I think) perfect installation, I did login in my
7 > system (after booting with grub) and, when I tried to enter in
8 > Internet, the network was disabled. The system can't find the eth0
9 > dispositive, so I can't do any "emerge" operation.
10 > Can you help me?
11 > Enric Galceran
13 Hi Enric,
15 Most likely what has happened is that you havent got your nic driver
16 loaded. When you boot off the install CD, it automagically detects the NIC
17 and loads the correct module. To see this, do the initial boot, let it
18 detect your nic and then do an 'lsmod' to see what modules are loaded. One
19 of them should be the nic.
21 Boot into gentoo, using your kernel and try to do an 'insmod <nic module>'
22 If this works, then you need to confirm that you have this module listed
23 in /etc/modules.autoload.
25 If this doesnt work, then most likely the kernel you built doesnt have
26 support for the NIC enabled. You will need to rebuild your kernel,
27 enabling the correct nic - usually as a module '<M>' rather than built in
28 the kernel '[*]'
30 Cheers
31 Rob.