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From: "Paweł Hajdan
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RFC: virtual/shadow
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 13:24:49
I'd like to add <> to the tree.
It is an alternative implementation of shadow utilities (passwd, su,
login, etc) based on ideas from Openwall's tcb.

Earlier I tried upstreaming the Openwall's shadow patches, and you can
see a log of those efforts at

In the end shadow-4.1.5 has some experimental support for tcb, but

1) It's incomplete (I didn't manage to upstream all Openwall's patches).
2) It's ugly (even more "special cases" in the already #ifdef-heavy
3) It requires sys-auth/tcb, which doesn't work with vanilla glibc (I'm
maintaining tcb in Gentoo and have special patch for that, reviewed by
upstream), and is broken with recent glibc

And now we have <> which is a
small alternative implementation, possibly going even further (the file
system layout is a bit different than with tcb).

I'd like to add virtual/shadow-0, with the following dependencies:

RDEPEND="|| ( >=sys-apps/shadow-4.1 sys-apps/hardened-shadow )"

hardened-shadow package is not yet in the tree, I'm going to be its
maintainer (base-system or anyone else is welcome to join), and the
ebuild is going to be very simple.

And then convert profiles to the new virtual (the relevant files; below
are all occurrences of sys-apps/shadow):

$ grep 'sys-apps/shadow' -r /usr/portage/profiles/
/usr/portage/profiles/ChangeLog-2011:  Added sys-apps/shadow to as we need it on stage1.
/usr/portage/profiles/default/bsd/ChangeLog:  Add -*>=sys-apps/shadow-4.1
/usr/portage/profiles/use.local.desc:sys-apps/shadow:audit - Enable
support for sys-process/audit
/usr/portage/profiles/use.local.desc:sys-apps/shadow:tcb - Enable
support for sys-auth/tcb

And any reverse dependencies (after testing):


What do you think?


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