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From: "Tiziano Müller" <dev-zero@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Upstream tags in metadata.xml (GLEP 46)
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 21:37:39
Message-Id: 1265319421.14107.94.camel@localhost
While some people already discovered the upstream metadata tags, there
are only 8 ebuilds using them so far. Mostly I am to blame for that,
since I forgot to send out a proper announcement. While all the required
information can be found in the Developer Handbook [1], here is a short

The upstream tags are meant as a way to track information about
upstream, like:
- the upstream status (can make treecleaners lives easier)
- online documentation links (a shortcut for the user)
- not-so-obvious contact/bug-reporting information
- id of a hosting or indexing site (automated version bump checks)
- their alignment (mostly chaotic-neutral ;-)

An example (copied from GLEP 46 [2] itself):
    <maintainer status="inactive">
        <name>Foo Bar</name>
    <maintainer status="active">
        <name>Foo Gentoo</name>
    <doc lang="en"></doc>
    <doc lang="de"></doc>
    <remote-id type="freshmeat">foobar</remote-id>
    <remote-id type="sourceforge">foobar</remote-id>

Please note:
- the <maintainer> tag in <upstream> is only for specifying an upstream
maintainer name and e-mail address and does not specify the ebuild
maintainer (although it may be the same if you decide to become
- the type attribute for <remote-id> is currently one of (freshmeat|
sourceforge|cpan|vim), send a mail to gentoo-dev before adding
additional sites
- the data in the <remote-id> tags is an id which uniquely identifies
the project on that site:
    - for type="vim": the script_id (example: 2586)
    - for type="freshmeat": the project name (example: aria2)
    - for type="sourceforge": the project name (example: liferea)
    - for type="cpan": the module name (example: Pod-Index)



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