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From: Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@×××××××.no>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] What should be in place before 1.0 release
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 08:37:07
1 Hi gang.
3 I just like to voice my opinion about issues that should be addressed
4 before the release of Gentoo Linux 1.0 (hurrah!)
6 While I can to a large degree accept that the distro itself is technically
7 ready enough to be released, our development team is in no way prepared to
8 handle the influx of new users.
10 At minimum, we should have the following points fixed:
11 1) A proper bug-reporting system. We simply won't be able to keep track of
12 the issues cropping up in gentoo-{dev,users,ebuild,whatever} given the
13 current developer situation.
14 2) A flawless installation guide. This means that we should do the
15 installation of the 1.0 version in a handful of different configurations
16 and make certain the installation guide is not only correct, but succinct
17 and unambiguous. This is tricky, but every hour we spend fixing it before
18 final release, will save us tenfold down the line.
19 3) Verify that all our ebuilds actually work as advertised. Some ebuilds
20 seem to be more error-prone than others (minicom, koffice). The ones that
21 have any problems whatsoever should be masked out until we know that they
22 really work.
23 4) In a related note, we should have a
24 "grace-period"/"codeslush"/"codefreeze" of at least one week where we do
25 not add new stuff, and do nothing but bug-squashing. We should verify that
26 *all* ebuilds have been tested, preferrably with *all* their optional USE
27 arguments.
28 5) We should have a release plan on the web, a task-list if you will,
29 where we check off items as we progress along to 1.0. This will hopefully
30 work as a great motivator once we're over half-way ;)
31 6) We should officially nominate a Release Manager (I guess this will be
32 drobbins, but it would be nice for everybody, including non-developers, ie
33 hardcore Gentoo testers to know who's neck is on the block ;).
34 7) Perhaps we even should have a release team that acted as drobbins'
35 elven helpers and make certain that all the items on the task-list are
36 addressed in a timely fashion. Perhaps all the developers should just act
37 as elven helpers..
39 Hope this sets thoughts churning. If we want 1.0 to be stable and good, we
40 will have to put a lot of effort into it, and do so in a structured
41 fashion. The all-nighter "throw code at it until it works" is NOT an
42 option.
45 Kind regards,
47 Karl T


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