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From: Alexis Ballier <aballier@g.o>
To: Gentoo Dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] TeX font cache, how to handle it, how to not (aka /var/cache/fonts sandbox violations)
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 18:48:25
1 Dear list,
3 I'm sure many of you have already seen such sandbox violations:
4 open_wr: /var/cache/fonts/pk/ljfour/public/cm/pk16254.tmp
6 This is because the program called cannot find a font it wants, thus
7 compiles it from various other font definitions and puts it
8 in /var/cache/fonts.
9 I have seen two ways of handling it:
10 addwrite /var/cache/fonts
11 or:
12 export VARTEXFONTS="${T}/fonts"
13 (this one overrides the system configuration about the location of the
14 system font cache)
16 Here are some rough useless stats:
17 gentoo-x86 $ grep 'addwrite /var/cache/fonts' * -r | wc -l
18 54
19 gentoo-x86 $ grep 'VARTEXFONTS' * -r | wc -l
20 35
22 I would try to push for the later and will try to explain why:
23 - It is possible to set /var/cache/fonts as readonly for users, which
24 should be the default and be sane. That means if the program is not ran
25 as root it will fail to write its fonts there. That will result in the
26 program failing to compile its fonts; at best it will use another one.
27 Setting this readonly/readwrite can be done easily by texconfig font
28 ro/rw; which is in fact just a chmod, respectively to 1777 and 755
29 on /var/cache/fonts
30 - The font cache dir default can be overriden in the tex distribution
31 config files; it shouldnt be done, but is still possible.
32 - Imho ebuilds shouldn't modify the system like that, even if that just
33 improves the speed for future usage of the font.
34 - I suspect that using the system cache allows some nasty side
35 effects, like if a file there refers to a font that has been removed,
36 it could cause failures.
38 The "bad" effect of this is that if a font cannot be directly used by
39 the program and it needs to transform an existing one, it will always
40 do it; which can be seen as useless cpu usage, but I think it is much
41 better like that.
44 I can see that there are still open bugs about such sandbox violations
45 and lots of ebuilds do the addwrite method. Is there any reason for
46 that ? I think that any ebuild that calls a program that needs some
47 fonts managed by a TeX distribution should do something about it
48 (better safe than sorry).
49 Is it possible/wanted to do that automagically for every ebuild ? Like
50 adding it to portage env variables. Or should it be done in each ebuild
51 that needs it ?
53 And of course, am I missing something in my reasoning ?
55 Regards,
57 Alexis.


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