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From: Michael Lang <mwlang@××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New Install Instructions
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 00:45:13
1 Here are the new install instructions. Not knowing the "proper" way to put
2 this out for review, I have put it up at the following URL (my pardons if
3 this breaks any protocols):
7 What to expect:
9 The first half has been completely overhauled to allow more than one method
10 of documentation to be written. I tried to take scattered notes about the
11 system requirements and misc notes and collect them into an overview so
12 that we weren't losing valuable info in cluttered notes and "oh, by the
13 way" sort of remarks.
15 I felt that it was starting to get confusing talking about both fast-binary
16 and from scratch installation methods in one sweep and it would've gotten
17 really confusing with interlacing the third method, which I have written
18 here for installing from existing distro.
20 This reorganization leads to _some_ duplication of material which you will
21 see at the modprobe area, but I figured this was better than mingling the
22 different install processes (and thus overly confusing the reader).
24 I didn't incorporate the altinstall doc which has installation over network
25 instructions, but this can probably be easily incorporated if desired.
27 Most of the changes take place before the Setting up Partitions
28 chapter. Notes were inserted as appropriate after this point.
30 A section for Lilo was added as I figured this is a common occurrence for
31 those converting over from existing distro. In any event, I have no
32 experience with Grub, so I can't comment on how to convert a Lilo system to
33 grub.
35 Please keep in mind that I am a Linux newbie, so if I said something that
36 made absolutely no sense or is completely wrong, then please definitely let
37 me know without totally trashing me. I made a lot of assumptions and
38 "interpretation" of what Linux is doing on the system level based on my
39 experience with Windoze.
41 There is a completely commented out section (search for BAH). If you can
42 offer some insights here, that would be great.
44 Regards,
46 Michael Lang
48 President
51 "All things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler" -- Albert Einstein


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