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From: Daniel Ostrow <dostrow@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] ML changes
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 01:50:35
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] ML changes by Mike Doty
1 On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 13:24 -0700, Mike Doty wrote:
2 > All-
3 >
4 > We're going to change the -dev mailing list from completely open to where only
5 > devs can post, but any dev could moderate a non-dev post. devs who moderate in
6 > bad posts will be subject to moderation themselves. in addition the
7 > gentoo-project list will be created to take over what -dev frequently becomes.
8 > there is no requirement to be on this new list.
9 >
10 > This will probably remove the need for -core(everything gets leaked out anyway)
11 > but that's a path to cross later.
12 >
13 > We're voting on this next council meeting so if you have input, now would be
14 > the time.
16 It is rare enough that I actually respond to something on -dev (or any
17 ml for that matter) so you know I have to care...
19 Personally, I rather dislike this proposal, mostly because I see it as a
20 bunch of unnecessary work...
22 I as a developer find it very difficult to cut though what I consider
23 noise to find the bits that I consider important to being able to
24 continue being an effective developer on a list that I am *required* to
25 be subscribed to. We have considered the likes of a moderated list, an
26 announce only list and now this sillyness to help in cutting down on
27 what a lot of us see as noise. How about we try something else....a self
28 moderated quasi-announce list...
30 1). Create 1 (ONE) new list, which, for the purposes of this discussion
31 I will call it gentoo-dev-info (the name matters not). The requirement
32 for subscription for all devs would shift from gentoo-dev to
33 gentoo-dev-info.
35 2). All *new* threads should cross post (regardless of whether it is
36 from a dev or a user) to both gentoo-dev and gentoo-dev-info. Those that
37 don't cross post (either by ignorance or accident) can be forwarded by
38 someone to the missing list.
40 3). The reply-to header for gentoo-dev-info should be set to gentoo-dev.
42 4). No further e-mail will be sent to gentoo-dev-info on this new thread
43 until a resolution on what actions if any need to be undertaken.
45 5). If a thread topic is posted that interests you as a developer (or a
46 user for that matter), you can either a). sub to gentoo-dev to continue
47 discussion there, b). utilize any of the archives to follow the topic
48 and contribute without being subscribed or c) have already been
49 subscribed and only pay attention to this one thread sending the rest
50 to /dev/null (yay! procmail).
52 6) After the thread has petered out, if, and only if, any action is
53 being taken, be that a change in policy, a clarification of policy or an
54 actual change in behavior of some component, the dev or devs who are
55 going to take said action send a notice describing it as a follow up
56 notice to both gentoo-dev and gentoo-dev-info.
58 Using that model devs and any users that want to subscribe as well can
59 be aware of every new thread that gets started and choose to participate
60 or not. This also gives them a new list that should have almost no
61 noise, every thread will be at most two e-mails long, the initial e-mail
62 and the resolution (if any). If you don't care about a topic all you see
63 is that it was discussed and what the outcome of said discussion was, if
64 you do care, you involve yourself in the discussion at your pleasure.
66 We can trust people on their honor not to post to gentoo-dev-info in any
67 manner other then that described above. This way we avoid the whole
68 overhead of having to moderate the list, if people misbehave and post
69 additional crap to the list consider moderating that one user...but
70 honestly since there is a list *with the same thread* meant for
71 discussion already this should only happen out of ignorance of policy or
72 malicious action...the latter should be clearly identifiable and dealing
73 with it should be easy.
75 No need to change the status quo for dev, no need to privatize core,
76 just create one list, post the rules and off you go...
78 --Dan


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