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From: Christian Heim <phreak@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: New Developer: Jim Ramsay (lack)
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 19:17:57
Its my pleasure to introduce to you lack, our recent addition joining us to 
take care of the rox-related ebuilds.

He hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. When he's unplugged from his
computer, he tries to play some guitar and write songs (he even plays in two 
bands). He also has another hobby, called marriage (so far it has lasted for 
5 years according to Jim).

While he's off the leash from his wife and unplugged from his guitar, he has 
fun with his pomeranians dogs, going for walks and the like.

He's currently working as a programmer/analyst at SED Systems, whose main 
focus is satellite ground systems (and some Linux consulting and embedded 
Linux development).

He has some quite extraordinary skills, ranging from C, over C++, python,  
perl and Java. He also had the nerve to use various BSD variants (including 
FreeBSD and OpenBSD), while playing with different VPN clients (openVPN, 
openSWAN and isakmpd).

So please welcome Jim as a new fellow slave^Hdev among us!

Christian Heim <phreak at>
GPG key ID: 9A9F68E6
Fingerprint: AEC4 87B8 32B8 4922 B3A9 DF79 CAE3 556F 9A9F 68E6

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