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From: "Bruce A. Locke" <blocke@××××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] comments on rc6-r8 build
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 23:27:07
1 The following are possible documentation errors, bugs, etc I found while
2 rebuilding my gentoo system from scratch. I started using the portage
3 tree as of September 2 3:30am EST. I tried to remove the stuff that has
4 already been fixed from my list.
6 - There is no hdparm on the boot image. This was added to rc5 per my
7 request because sometimes I have to deal with systems with broken IDE
8 cdrom drives, etc
10 - pppd and possibly an easy config frontend like wvdial would be nice for
11 modem users (thankfully I'm not one of them ;)
13 - perhaps the build instructions need a comment about emerge --fetchonly
14 as a tip for those people without persistant network connections?
16 - Perhaps a text version of the build instructions should be placed in the
17 root directory of the ramdisk? (in the event you don't have it printed or
18 access to a second computer)
20 Comments on the build instructions:
22 In step 6, it says to do a "mount /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 /mnt/cdrom -o ro -t
23 iso9660"... For some reason I didn't have a cdrom0 on my syste, I had a
24 cdrom2. Perhaps the instructions should mention this possibility?
26 In step 8, when you load dhcpcd unless you specifically loaded the
27 af_packet.o module the dhcpcd will complain about "socket: Address family
28 not supported by protocol". af_packet.o should either be build into the
29 kernel or the instructions should tell users to load it
31 In Step 10, it mentions you might want to wait on merging xfree86 until
32 you have a booting system... isn't xfree86 a core package now?
34 In Step 11, it says to do a "mv bzImage bzImage.orig" which doesn't work
35 for many reasons. I'd personally recommend telling users to do a "cp
36 arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage-2.4.8-ac8"... also we need to make
37 sure to tell the user to copy over the file (I think lsof and
38 klogd need it) I havn't read linux kernel makefiles lately but vanilla
39 kernel source on distros like Mandrake install stuff for you in /boot with
40 "make install"
42 Comments on new initscripts:
44 The older net.eth0 files, etc used to have a comment for the GTWAY line
45 that said "Comment out the following line if you don't want to config a
46 default gateway". I think we should put this in or us people with
47 multiple interfaces will wonder why we have multiple default gateways :)
49 A bunch of startup scripts are in baselayout package while the programs
50 associated with them are in seperate packages. Shouldn't they be with the
51 software package instead? (the sysklogd and samba init.d scripts are
52 examples of this)
54 Build Comment:
56 Having /usr/bin/emacs point to e3 after the initial emerge system can
57 cause ebuilds like xscreensaver to hang in their configure scripts (ex:
58 xscreensaver tests some lisp stuff using emacs)
60 There were a bunch of other issues but they have all been resolved either
61 already resolved on the list or by bugging the appropriate person...
62 Thanks all :)
64 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
65 Bruce A. Locke
66 blocke@××××××.org