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From: Gregg <gregg@××.am>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] new package notification
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 11:43:22
1 I have mentioned this a couple times to usually no response. I feel that
2 it is an important feature , I was hoping to get some sort of response to
3 this as to how it should be done, or a response saying "we are already
4 working on that". Either way is fine by me :)
6 I want to see a list of new packages that are available after an rsync.
7 Not updates to packages that were already there, but new directories in
8 the portage tree.
10 I keep my gentoo box as close to "portage only" as possible. It makes
11 management easier and makes everything fit together the way it should.
12 The Gentoo way. In doing so, I deny myself some applications taht do not
13 have ebuilds yet. I would love to see a list after an emerge rsync of
14 what NEW packages that were not in my portage before, have been added.
15 This will let me see whats new that I might install.
17 Ideas range from portage keeping a log of what directories it actually
18 creates durring rsync and allowing you to output that to a text file. To
19 a script you run before and after that builds a list of the directories in
20 the tree and compares the 2 lists, showing you the new directories. Im
21 sure there are other ways as well.
23 Any ideas? Anyone already have this working?


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