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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Project Hosting
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 05:08:43
1 Dear Sir,
3 i was just surfing your website, and i loved how there's this
4 feeling of sharing and collaboration in what you do.
5 and so i thought i'd email you and give my idea a shot.
7 well, i and some of my friends will be launching a new startup soon which
8 targets artists (musicians/singers) who don't have a record deal and help
9 promote them.
10 technically speaking, we're thinking of developing the site in php and
11 running it on linux.
13 anyway, we don't have a budget that will allow us to venture with setting
14 up our own servers or to buy a hosting package, so i thought i'd email you
15 with these details and see how you could possibly help us get our project
16 going.
18 i think any help you provide us with will be a demonstration of how your
19 platform works in real life, and we'll sure let it be known that its your
20 software working behind our site.
22 thank you in advance.
24 yours truly,
26 Mohamed Marwen Meddah
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