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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: heroxbd@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] How to support C++11 in libraries?
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 14:46:35
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] How to support C++11 in libraries? by
1 Dnia 2013-12-19, o godz. 22:47:50
2 heroxbd@g.o napisał(a):
4 > Michał Górny <mgorny@g.o> writes:
5 >
6 > > And that brings another issue in Gentoo -- gcc-config. AFAIR this tool
7 > > is completely insane and switches libstdc++ along with gcc version.
8 > > As a result, after switching to a gcc version with different C++ ABI,
9 > > installed software gets broken. And you can't really fix it without
10 > > going through the broken-system state or some hackery.
11 >
12 > Not that insane. Packages linked with libstdc++ are not crucial in
13 > Gentoo, and can be rebuilt with emerge -e @world. Although it's a bad
14 > idea for everybody to do so, the systems without "emerge -e @world" for
15 > two years is likely to suck anyway.
17 I think you are getting it the other way around.
19 It's not 'we do not need to support C++ properly because there are no
20 C++ packages crucial to Gentoo'. It's rather 'we have no crucial C++
21 packages because C++ support in Gentoo is broken by design'. It is
22 a limitation, not a reason to keep stuff buggy.
24 Think of paludis as a good example. People who'd like to use Paludis
25 will end up with broken package manager from time to time. How are they
26 supposed to rebuild it without a working package manager?
28 --
29 Best regards,
30 Michał Górny


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