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From: Nathan Nutter <nathan.nutter@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] New Install Instructions
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 13:23:28
1 I am not sure if regular users are allowed to post here, but I have some suggestions about install instructions.
3 1. In either the "/etc/localtime" or the "/etc/rc.conf" section add a note about setting "localtime" or "UTC", I thought that most people use localtime, so maybe it should be default in /etc/rc.conf(which is unrelated to this of course).
4 2. In the "Final Configuration" section you didn't mention lilo in summary since you added it; also, in the "lilo" section it almost seems like that is the next step, maybe show that you can do lilo or grub, user following down the list might not realise or may do both.
5 3. Link or more info on USE flags would be awesome.
6 4. In the "Setting up partitions" section, note about ext2/3 being resizeable, xfs growth but not shrink, etc. would be helpful. I realize you have a link to in-depth discusion about filesystems, but I don't think this was discussed in those articles either. Also a not about parted and/or fips and other tools to modify partitions.
7 5. Booting section, maybe make link to 3 separate pages, rather than all in one, same with lilo and grub install section.
8 BTW, I think the install instructions are excellent, they are to the point, and easy to follow, color coding is nice. Good Work.
9 Panax
11 ---
12 On 15 Mar 2002 10:11:33 -070
13 Daniel Robbins wrote:
14 >On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 23:34, Michael Lang wrote:
15 >> Here are the new install instructions. Not knowing the "proper" way to put
16 >> this out for review, I have put it up at the following URL (my pardons if
17 >> this breaks any protocols):
18 >>
19 >>
20 >
21 >I like your new instructions. Please continue to refine them based on
22 >comments in here, and then when you feel they're ready, submit them on
23 >bugzilla and we'll do one last edit and then make them our official
24 >docs. I think they're better than what we have.
25 >
26 >Best Regards,
27 >
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