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From: Chris White <chriswhite@g.o>
To: ppc@g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] 2006/03/05 PPC Meeting Log and Minutes
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 22:24:25
1 2006/03/05 PPC Meeting Minutes
3 The meeting lasted about 1 hour 30 minutes, with 5 items on the agenda. GCC
4 4.1 was moved to the front of the agenda, as discussions were taking place
5 regarding it previous to the meeting. The new agenda layout was as follows:
7 1) GCC 4.1
8 2) The 2006.0 Release
9 3) Leadership
10 4) Genesi/Freescale/IBM Developer Programs
11 5) Installer Project PPC Porting
13 This was followed by an open-floor session.
15 == Agenda #1: GCC 4.1 ==
17 Discussions were made regarding gcc 4.1 support for ppc. This was mainly due
18 to the future unmasking of gcc 4.1 into ~arch. The consensus was that
19 dostrow, JoseJX, morfic, and myself had actively been testing ppc and gcc
20 4.1.
22 JoseJX and lu_zero had a few issues with 4.1, but JoseJX's issue found a quick
23 resolution, and lu_zero was using a stable only tree. Due to the use of the
24 stable ppc tree for gcc 4.1 testing, this puts us a step ahead in getting 4.1
25 ready for stable as well.
27 Discussion was also made towards enabling nptl and nptlonly as the default in
28 future releases. The old linuxthreads support would not be removed, only
29 deprecated towards the now better supported nptl. Users that wish to utilize
30 linuxthreads would be able to do so through a stage 1 install.
32 == Agenda #2: 2006.0 Release ==
34 First off was congrats on a great 2006.0 release. It was said to be better
35 than previous ones, and less stress was involved. Pylon also opened up
36 suggestions for 2006.1. JoseJX proposed using yaboot for Pegasos II
37 machines in the next release. This is mainly due to it supporting amiga
38 partitions, and being able to "just work".
40 pvdabeel also noted that Genesi has some beta firmware coming up, which
41 included framebuffer support, and that they were accepting ideas for new
42 functionality. One of the ideas mentioned was power-on after power-outage.
44 hansmi brought up the need for netboot, which was on the TODO list for both
45 ppc (Pylon) and ppc64 (dostrow).
47 == Agenda #3: Leadership ==
49 The main discussion here was to find a lead for project meetings. Many ideas
50 were brought up, and SeJo made a suggestion for a mailing list nomination.
51 An email was sent out to hansmi on the ppc alias, and voting will begin
52 shortly.
54 Some ideas were also proposed on recruiting, as well as the creation of a
55 #gentoo-ppc-dev channel, to isolate dev based discussions.
57 == Agenda 4: Genesi/Freescale/IBM Developer Programs ==
59 Talks went on with pvdabeel on the status of developer projects. The Efika
60 project (A PPC based embedded board) was said to start distribution to
61 developers on 2006/03/10, when the CPU's arrive from Freescale.
63 The OSW project was brought up, which is the 64 bit pegasos system in the
64 works. As it is only in the planning stages, not many specifics were given
65 about it, but it was mentioned that developers who did not receive the Efika,
66 would still be able to apply for the OSW.
68 A discussion followed about current Efika setups, and pvdabeel discussed that
69 Xorg running with an mpeg2 playing was demonstrated at FTF last june. Plans
70 were also in the way to get XGI cards for the boards, which would provide
71 graphics acceleration for the Efika unit.
73 == Agenda #5: Installer Porting to the PPC ==
75 agaffney discussed with the status of the porting of the Gentoo Linux
76 Installer project to the ppc architecture. The main problem that seemed to
77 be causing an issue was the formating of unused space as a partition on mac
78 disk labels. Another issue was looking at support for IBM based ppc machines
79 as well, whose bootloader and partition layout differed from that of MAC or
80 Pegasos systems. The basic plan of support was to handle pegasos 32 bit,
81 then mac 32 bit, mac 64 bit, IBM 64 bit, and pegasos 64 bit in around that
82 order.
84 == Open Floor ==
86 An open floor discussion followed afterwards, most of it being a continuation
87 of the previous agenda notes.
89 Alright, that should do it.. I hope I didn't miss anything important ;) (I
90 probably did :/).
92 Chris White


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