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From: William Hubbs <williamh@g.o>
To: gentoo development <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] openrc stabilization update
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 01:08:56
Message-Id: 20100920002750.GA24373@linux1

looking at the tracker, I see that only two bugs remain which block
stabilization of openrc: 

What does everyone think?  Are there any other bugs we should fix before
targeting a release for stabilization?

I suppose one question I need to ask is the oldnet vs newnet question.
The git repository defaults to building and installing the newnet
option, and we make oldnet the default in the ebuild.

People migrating from stable will know the oldnet option, and this is
the only way to configure the network scripts that is actually covered
in our documentation.

Do we want to switch the upstream repository to make oldnet the default?

What about newnet.  Should we keep it at all?  If we do, should we put
it behind a use flag which would be off by default?

Any comments/feedback are definitely welcome on this issue, and on any
other bugs you think should block the openrc tracker at




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