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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-commits] gentoo commit in xml/htdocs/proj/en/qa: index.xml
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 13:18:08
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-commits] gentoo commit in xml/htdocs/proj/en/qa: index.xml by Markos Chandras
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On 11-06-2011 09:23, Markos Chandras wrote:
> On 06/11/2011 03:36 AM, Diego Elio Pettenò wrote:
>> Il giorno sab, 11/06/2011 alle 01.48 +0100, Markos Chandras ha scritto: >> Maybe I scream in private, but what you three (keeping Tomáa out of >> this) are doing is crying in public because you're no longer allowed to >> poop in the sandbox you should keep clean. > >> Do note that it was even your words: > >>> I am sorry but having elections every few months is not a solution. >>> First we need to clean up the team, then become "team", then have >>> elections. > >> Which is exactly what I'm going to do: I'm going to make sure that the >> team is on the same page: policies has to be followed, or they need to >> be changed. Which doesn't look like either of them (nor you I guess) >> want to do. I'm pretty sure I didn't ask much to the team beside >> actually following what the council decided. > >> Finally, I'd like to point out that neither my character nor my actions >> have changed the slightest since the mail that Peper quoted  yet I was >> elected as team leader; it looks like though people wanted me to scream >> at anyone else beside them  too easy that way. > >> And the only two people in the team who bothered to cast a vote (Luca >> and Christian), seems not to have an issue with me keeping this way. > >> So, this might hurt your feelings, but I'm not really sorry to see you >> leave. As I said before I had been disappointed when people I had a high >> esteem of decided that rules shouldn't apply to them. > > Calm down please. I don't scream in public. I tried to start quiet a lot > of discussions in private before I make my decision. You are right. > "Retire" is not a good work for the 4 people that left. Maybe "gone" is > more appropriate. > But, seeing your tone, it is very hard for me to even start a discussion > cause everything leads to personal attacks, irony and Mediterranean > temper that we both have. I lost all of my motivation and energy with > Samuli's case. IMHO, kicking them out wont improve anything. They both > agreed to follow the establish policy after all. QA team requires > *active* (do note the word) people, not just people with high respect to > rules. You have to admit, that now, you and Dane are the only ones who > are really *active*. Can you two really handle the QA load by yourself? > Diego, leadership means that you have to motivate and inspire people. > People need to follow you not because they afraid of you but because > they admire and respect you. You never really tried to talk to us and > get some insights. Everytime we received a mail from you it was because > someone has screwed up something and you were mad at him. Please, just > stop and think for a second that you *may* be wrong at some points.
I see Diego's actions as "cleaning up" the QA team. Some members of the QA team have left it because they got tired of how some people in the QA team would not respect some rules and do everything to prevent QA team from being able to enforce them. Unfortunately, Tomas is not the first member to leave because of this. If the actions of Diego make Tomas and the others want to get back to QA, I'll consider this whole issue a success. Markos, the worst thing that I, looking from the outside, noticed about QA was how some members were too quick at using the "QA hammer" to impose their ideas to others, but always found ways not to follow some established policies and not to get them applied to themselves. As a council member, I am very happy to see Diego trying to "fix" QA, doing his best to enforce policies and caring about the tree not being broken. - -- Regards, Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org Gentoo- forums / Userrel / Devrel / KDE / Elections / RelEng -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (GNU/Linux) Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJN82rLAAoJEC8ZTXQF1qEPoXQP/22xC9pQmuO47Tavg+mpOiMe Z59O7GGNb47sJb9am8+MHh4r1tP1W/KvMNsb8WzDC+OsqMjfKmyOOjOfyg5xK+VY US722Xj08L3js93qVJs/fI4jsa0GsBZBpdDoJrAZmRco3i42W6mP5KneOyMD5h98 uWnUFP8f7e7qy69usio05gIqn25SCDa5QT3BIL/OB8j9VPLPzdw66Ps41Dvp+u9q JRUXv99oV5WsOauducSz7n2K71RP8bh5mUIMBI01WfUk9AWpzFLlMy4SMQMKatNY Xsm1eJsn4yM9tKzWjTVn8D5rsjnb7zAYLoMPj2Mi5hkSrG7MOZ3X2rFx1PTFwBdi ikkqe8SrK/+otbl9BZG2nw2Oypw9JwlnLf6XGyAeykpz66IOfwZzY1aUIc94LMrb LsJTuDqpEMAaN32Sykt/VQicZBnUTDoWfF70GH1lFFXYC99/YBiqnQuR09w4y0iw U7QZIf1YDqmijDxbnwJeIQN9vKrMm6HZrbeN0YFmEi+MRmp0BQUEDje3vtl+ogud H2iDzLcw3bGkCNJWaRUY8Yl3cS9YuWqA1R5p70gG3QvRmGfM9H9kNLvqD9w5Dn5y HRQg+U6e7cpDA9vcOQTIRZ2ntPEuBoir907sP/dp41XGrffqjsVmzBjBFSKQB5KV 82g/eiuhMfjAVwksTCSP =Pgv4 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----