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From: George Shapovalov <george@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] dev-eiffel: do we have anough interest and somebody to back it up?
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 00:10:43
1 Hi gang.
3 Recently I "inheriterd" a few bugs that contained new ebuild submissions for
4 the apps that would go into dev-eiffel category. Um, new category I thought,
5 - that would require a maintainer. So I asked the guy who submitted this
6 bunch of ebuilds to step up to the challenge (having recalled that I saw his
7 name quite a few times already and processed few of his submissions and did
8 not remember anything bad :)). Well, it appears some time has passed since
9 he submitted his ebuilds and he was not much interested in eiffel language
10 anymore (it did not fulfill his needs of the moment, although he still liked
11 it :)).
13 All in all this leaves these submissions without a maintainer and technically
14 I would need to close the bugs with WONTFIX, This would be a waste, so I
15 decided to ask here firts:
17 1. Do we have enough interest in eiffel language and related tools? Enough to
18 warrant new categiry particularly - there already is dev-lang/smarteiffel in
19 portage. I would like to ask interested parties to leave their feedback in
20 #11950.
21 There already are two more packages (##11951, 11953) to populate dev-eiffel
22 category, which is marginally sufficient. It would be better to have a bit
23 more stuff to warrant the category as well (otherwise these ebuilds can be
24 put in some existing category).
26 Provided there is sufficient interest to this language, all the following
27 applies as well. Otherwise if I don't get indications of an interest within a
28 week I will close these 3 bugs with WONTFIX.
30 2. It is a policy of the late that everything requires a (-n either bulk or
31 personal) maintainer. Especially such pronounced thing as new category. Thus,
32 additionally to p.1 above, I am asking a brave person to step up and take a
33 look at these abuilds with an intention of becoming a maintainer of the
34 category. List of requirement would be as follows:
35 1) Apparently knowledge and appreciation of the language and the tools. ;).
36 2) History of development participation (submitted ebuilds/bug fixes) is a
37 *big* plus.
38 3) I would ask this person to prepare two more ebuilds for eiffel related
39 tools of his choice and submit them to bugzilla, assigning to me directly.
40 This will let me do an initial check of this person skills and will bring the
41 number of ebuilds to be in the category to 5, which is a reasonable
42 "threshold" for starting a new category (and I already know that number of
43 packages rapidly grows when there is a passionate person behind a topic, so I
44 am not too concerned about having "just five" ebuilds in the category).
46 Oh, and while I am on this topic. Smarteiffel-1.1 has been released, however
47 since the build sequence has changed somewhat, it would be really usefull to
48 get an ebuild for new version. This is in the list of my bugs (#23083), so
49 I'll get there eventually, but having somebody who already worked with the
50 package to add the ebuild to the bug would speed things along ;).
52 George
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