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From: "Noack
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: AW: [gentoo-dev] Proposal for advanced useflag-syntax
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 06:24:06
Message-Id: 7B97065F451A23458ED0C63B4CA5A2EA1D2914@SRV-EXCHANGE.AUTOonline.local
1 > > Today the solution would be to enable the kde, qt, qt3, qt4, gtk,
2 etc.
3 > > -useflag. But this solution is crappy, because of some ebuilds for
4 >
5 > These flags are crap at all. It already is crap that certain packages
6 > contain backend and frontends for several GUIs (more precisely: based
7 > on several widget toolkits) alltogether. They actually should be
8 > different. Yeah, many packages tend to do such crap in the upstream,
9 > but we shouldn't let this pass into the portage tree.
10 >
11 > For example: mplayer
12 > It has it's gui-less player and an gtk-based frontend in one package.
13 > We should split this into two packages: mplayer and gmplayer.
14 > The chances to get this done in the upstream *before* some major
15 > distro like gentoo does the split by its own are quite low.
17 Hey, come on. We're not Debian! Unnecessary and senseless splitting of
18 packages is against the philosophy of Gentoo.
20 > > (kde || qt4 || qt3 || qt || gtk) (arts || alsa) (asf && win32codecs)
21 >
22 > IMHO unnecessary complexity which introduces more point of failure
23 > and confusion.
25 At the first sight this approach seems to add complexity, but actual it
26 would remove a lot of complexity on Gentoo systems. For example on my
27 own system here I have approx. 40 lines in my /etc/portage/package.use
28 which could be reduced to less than 10 lines by using such a syntax like
29 above in the /etc/make.conf for global useflag configuration.
31 > With you suggestion, the package maintainers have to take care of
32 > Grandma's special conditions. This shouldn't be their job.
33 >
34 > Granma's Box cries for an special Grandma-Distro, Grandma-Gentoo !
35 > This should be maintained by an separate team, which is specialized
36 > on the needs of those users.
38 In the described scenario, it wasn't mentioned that she has a
39 grandchild, so where do you know from that she is a grandma? ;) Doesn't
40 matter, btw it was in any case just an example where such a syntax would
41 be useful. Another szenario would be a server with several
42 database-based apps on it, where an expression like "(postgres ||
43 mysql)" might be useful.
45 Regards
46 Sebastian Noack
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