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From: Stuart Herbert <stuart@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Poll: Where should web applications be installed?
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:14:38
Hi everyone,

I'm just doing a quick poll to get some feedback for an ebuild I'm working on.

Where do you think web applications should be installed?

1) $(HTDOCS)/<app-name>/
2) /usr/webapps/<app-name>/
3) a/n/other/?

I don't think that ebuilds should be installing applications under the HTDOCS 
root.  For a start, as we add more web servers, working out where HTDOCS is 
could prove impossible (especially if you run two or more web servers 
simultaneously!)  There's also the problem that having the app installed 
under HTDOCS isn't very friendly to boxes hosting multiple sites.

I'd prefer having ebuilds put applications under a central location, and I'm 
proposing that we use /usr/webapps for this (unless someone has a better 
suggestion).  Then, it's just a simple alias directive to make an app 
available under Apache.

While I'm at it, I'm proposing that we create a new set of 'web-XXX' groups 
for holding web applications.  For example, wiki engines would go under 
'web-wiki', bulletin boards under 'web-forums', and so on.  This'd make it 
much easier for users to find these packages.

Feedback urgently sought.

Best regards,
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