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From: (Dave Nebinger)
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Project, GLEP, or skip it?
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 13:07:00
1 Hi, folks. I'm looking around for a decent web mail/web collaboration
2 tool to host on my site and, through following a series of links, fall
3 upon the XAMPP project.
5 For those that don't know, XAMPP is a release that provides apache, php,
6 perl, etc., in a single download and installs as /opt/lampp.
8 This is fine and dandy for those uneducated binary distribution folks,
9 but for us gentoo'ers, we:
11 a) already have the components within portage to provide the same
12 tool set, optimized for the local installation.
14 b) don't like 3rd-party complete binary builds in /opt replicating
15 pretty much what most of us have installed already.
17 Going through the XAMPP distribution, it basically includes all of the
18 binaries for the server/services, some modified configuration files,
19 but really the only new addition is a web application, xampp, that
20 pulls the whole installation together so the end user/admin can see
21 that all of the components were installed and function correctly.
23 So I'm thinking, hey this wouldn't be difficult to replicate in the
24 gentoo environment and may be a useful tool (with the right ebuild
25 dependencies) to get a fully-functional web server up and running.
27 So I've been hacking around here at home on this project I'm calling
28 GAMPP (Gentoo Apache MySQL PHP Perl) and am getting to the point that
29 I need to decide:
31 a) Should I make this publicly available?
32 b) How do I make it publicly available (i.e. host locally if I don't
33 get too much traffic, try to open sourceforge project to host under,
34 etc.)
35 c) Would something like this merit becoming a Gentoo Hosted Project?
36 d) Is this something for a GLEP?
37 e) Or should I just stuff it as a crazy idea that no one else would
38 want and/or appreciate?
40 Any thoughs, suggestions, or opinions are welcome.
42 Yes, flames are welcome too (It's been awhile since my butt's been
43 singed, I'm about due ;-)
45 Dave
47 --
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