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Subject: [gentoo-dev] New Developer: WANG Xuerui (xen0n)
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2022 06:44:52
1 Hi all,
3 It is my pleasure to announce the latest developer addition to our
4 family: WANG Xuerui. Here is how he describes himself:
6 "I'm a software developer from Shanghai, China, and a happy Gentoo user
7 since 2011. Some of you may already know me via the loongson-overlay,
8 ARCH=loong bringup patches, or the scattered MIPS bugs and patches over
9 the years. I'm very glad to be able to join the Gentoo family and help
10 making my favorite distro even better. I plan to first focus on bringing
11 up ARCH=loong, generally improving the experience for Loongson hardware
12 users, then use the expertise to help other ports as well. Hope my MIPS
13 and RISC-V knowledge (and collection of hardware) will help!"
15 We also reached out to his cat for comments and here is how his cat
16 describes him:
18 "Some humans describe Xuerui as a "multipotentialite", and he indeed has
19 a diverse range of interests. When I am not utilizing the keyboard, he
20 is allowed to lurk in various open-source projects and randomly review
21 code/docs on the computer. When his services are no longer necessary, I
22 allow him to enjoy playing rhythm games, attending live events, and
23 hanging out with friends."
25 Please give him a warm Gentoo welcome!


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