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From: Stefan Schaarschmidt <stefan.schaarschmidt@×××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Feedback from the first install
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 18:13:06
1 Hello,
3 before I continue I want to thank you for the work
4 of bringing the idea of portage to linux. The idea
5 behind it is something I really like...
7 Now some critizism, notes and questions:
9 - I consider myself an experienced Linux User (about
10 8 years or so), having started with Slackware from
11 a floppy-tape i know about partitioning,fstab and
12 even modlines ;-)
13 But if I had started with SuSE Linux 2 years bevor
14 I wouldn't know about partition numbering schemes,
15 fstab entries (whats a <dump/pass>?) or even the
16 IP number of a DNS server.
17 Nothing wrong with that, but I think it would help
18 some people, if at the beginning of the doc were a
19 little hint: You will probably not succeed, if you
20 don't know about....
21 - I liked the ease of connecting to the internet with
22 the Start-CD and the freshly born Linux, but only
23 because I have a wonderfull old 386/40 sitting there
24 as a router... Just for me: Is there a thought about
25 those people connecting via modem (probably not,
26 the download would be just TOO slow)? Here in Germany
27 you have DSL via a so called DSL Router, but this
28 works only via PPPoE. I'd say I had no chance, if I
29 hadn't the firewall/router between me and the DSL
30 router... Just a thought for alternative net
31 connections...
32 - USE Variables: The default ones are told to be
33 sufficiant for the most people. Any reasons "gnome"
34 isn't in it?? (Yes I'm from the KDE fraction, but I
35 added it, when I finally realized the missing... After
36 all, its all about choice.)
37 - portage-user.html in your doc dir seems a little aged:
38 I really was irritated, when I read about creating
39 /usr/portage, which was there. And so I really was
40 undetermined whether I have to "emerge rsync", or if
41 this is outdated information as well.
42 - When the machine was happily compiling I looked at it
43 from time to time. I would suggest some kind of beep
44 when an emerge-command is done (successfull or not).
45 This would help those people playing "Star Wars -
46 Super Bombad Racing" in the next room or reading the
47 last Pratchett book. I could imagine some environment
48 variable which, when set, determines the number of
49 beeps to inform about the finishing.
50 - Speeking of staring at a compiling/emerging machine:
51 I'm understanding that warnings occur during compiling
52 but I could quickly read a message from the emerge cmd,
53 before it dissolved (the message i mean): "Be sure to
54 unmerge libsig versions < ...".
55 Who is ever expected to read that? :-)
56 - When I emerged kde, the first time I got an error:
57 ../pango/pangox.h
58 31: X11/Xlib no such file or directory.
59 When I started it again later, no such error appeared...
60 - I emerged "vi", which plainly died whith a segfault
61 when starting.
62 This is no issue for me, because I then realized, that
63 I instead was wanting vim (which worked fine), but
64 vi seems to be broken (on my machine at least)
65 - Strange effects: I got quite a lot of
66 "/root/.kde/share/.... permission denied" and some
67 "error creating /root/.qt". I don't understand this
68 one since I think emerge is running with root rigths
69 when called by root?
70 This had the effect, that after I got X/KDE running
71 I had the KDM login, but after that the plain ugly
72 twm :-(
73 The /etc/skel did not contain any configuration files
74 as well for KDE/X/... so I neither could copy it to
75 the /root/ dir nor do I have a template for users...
76 Any ideas, how I get a bunch of fine config files
77 which allow me to see the beauty of the new KDE?
78 - Last point: when speaking of users: I miss some hints
79 in the docs when to create a "normal" user...
80 AFTER emerging as much as possible packets, to have a
81 giant /etc/skel to profit from or BEFORE so that
82 configs might be written to the home dirs.
84 This has become quite a long mail but I would appreciate
85 any answers to the points above
87 Thank you for reading and answering
88 Stefan Schaarschmidt