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From: justin <jlec@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [gentoo-project] New developer: Alexander Berntsen (bernalex)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 18:11:39
Hello everyone,

please join me in giving Alexander (bernalex) a very warm welcome.

When asking for his reason to be become a member of the dev team, he
said among other things "I would be proud to be a Gentoo dev". I like it
very much, that one can still be proud to be part of this team and
community. Let's spread this spirit.

He is joining us as staffer (for now, let's see what the future brings)
to work on portage (the PM) development, where he already contributed code.
He also has been actively helping with Gentoo Haskell, which will be
another region of interest for him.
And finally he also is in contact with the licensing team.

One of the questions we asked him and where we got some impressive
answer, was

What other projects have you contributed to, if any?

Some of the more mentionable ones follows.
    GNU LibreJS
    Project Sunrise
    PRISM break

So it seems he loves to contribute to voluntary project, which we
greatly appreciate.

This also resembles in the lines he wrote about himself.

I'm a free software hacker wizard who lives in Norway with my cohabitant
who occasionally bakes me muffins. I have used Gentoo for many years,
and am particularly interested in Portage. My main interests are
hacking, free software, free culture, computer games, interactive
fiction, role-playing games, fantasy literature, science fiction cinema,
anime, music, and cosmology.

Feel very welcome, Alexander,


P.s. And don't worry, Diego already kindly asked him to not port portage
to haskell ;).


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