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From: Vaeth <vaeth@××××××××××××××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Please stop useless removals (was: [gentoo-dev] last rites: games-arcade/bitefusion)
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2013 07:36:31
1 >> # Upstream is dead and gone.
2 >> # Masked for removal on 20130302
3 >
4 > Erm, so this is the _only_ reason - dead upstream?
6 ++
8 Please, please, stop removing packages for no reason!
9 This happens now way too often:
11 app-dicts/ispell*
12 app-portage/epm
13 app-text/ispell
14 games-arcade/bitefusion
15 games-arcade/xboing
16 games-action/trackballs
17 games-emulation/xmame
18 ...
20 These are just some of the previous examples which I remember
21 because I had to put them in my local overlay.
23 None of these removals alone was so valuable to me that I saw
24 a reason to step up, but the removals for no reasons accumulate
25 previously so much that I see the need to say something:
27 You are destroying the charme of gentoo by systematically
28 removing all these little tools and toys. The availability
29 of a lot of software was once a strength of gentoo, so removing
30 these things is really bad, especially if it happens for no
31 real reason.
33 I was understanding if e.g. someting was removed which needs
34 the <gtk-2 or <qt-4 framework or something similar and had
35 a dead upstream. But just needing a small tool like imake (xboing)
36 or having open feature requestes (epm) or even nothing and
37 just dead upstream is IMHO really not a reason.
39 If something really does not compile anymore and nobody cares,
40 then remove keywords (or, for god's sake, mask it);
41 if something might theoretically become a security issue (xpdf)
42 then it should be masked.
44 But please do not throw things out of the tree unless
45 really necessary:
47 It does not hurt anybody to have such package in the tree,
48 but removing it - especially if upstream is dead - means
49 that the tarbalös will be removed from the mirrors and thus
50 nobody is able anymore to install it (even if he would care and
51 fix some minor issues) unless he had kept a copy on
52 his local machine (which will mean in the future that he can only
53 do it if he had used gentoo already many years ago and cared
54 during the time of the removal).
56 (If the resources are an argument: I am not speaking about monster
57 packages taking gigabytes of data - these might need to be
58 discussed separately - but mainly about reasonably sized packages
59 which even if summed up do not take much data).
61 Regards
62 Martin