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From: Thomas Beierlein <tomjbe@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Fw: [gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in app-backup/bacula: bacula-5.0.2-r2.ebuild ChangeLog
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 07:06:51
Message-Id: 20100723090613.15aca81f@test
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Fw: [gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in app-backup/bacula: bacula-5.0.2-r2.ebuild ChangeLog by "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto"
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Hi Jorge,

On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 18:04:59 +0000
"Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o> wrote:
> If you want to use sqlite3 as default and assuming your prefer > postgres over mysql, you can use the following and drop the die from > pkg_setup. > > DEPEND="
... snip ...
> !bacula-clientonly? ( > sqlite3? ( > app-backup/bacula[-mysql.-postgres] > dev-db/sqlite:3 > ) > !sqlite3? ( > postgres? ( > mysql? ( app-backup/bacula[-mysql] ) > dev-db/postgresql-base[threads] > ) > !postgres? ( > mysql? ( virtual/mysql ) > !mysql? ( app-backup/bacula[sqlite3] ) > ) > !bacula-nodir? ( virtual/mta ) > )
... snip ...
> "
interesting. I did not know that an ebuild can use-depend on itself. Good to know. I had implemented a simpler solution in meantime. But I will test your solution. It would shorten the ebuild by a good amount (It is already much to big and complicated). Furthermore it catches the problems very early (before merging the wrong dependencies). Only downside I see is that the user has to find out why she gets the messages about the wrong USE flag requirements. Say, you want to build it with mysql and have 'sqlite' in make.conf your USE=mysql emerge bacula resultes in a emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy "app-backup/bacula[-mysql,-postgres]". And than you have to think. Anyway I will think over it. Regards, Thomas. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAkxJP2wACgkQQe4uqXYgU9XomwCfeFkb780NSjA0Q7eUCMDmGF0U 1kAAn2pJwIFXbBF0t6gN0eosBxv5c3f4 =jy0D -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----