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From: Matthew Marlowe <mattm@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo Enterprise Future - Summary Attempt #2
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 20:04:28
1 Fellow devs,
3 I know this thread is getting long, but to ensure we get the right closure
4 I'd like to ensure that there is a consensus summary and action plan.
6 That said, the interpretation below is just my own, but I've tried to be
7 as neutral as possible given that I've been a proponent of moderate gentoo
8 enterprise deployments in the past. That said, rather than responding to
9 each messege as its come in, I've tried to limit my participation in the discussion
10 to about 1 email/day which I think allows the proper time for reflection on
11 everyone else's input.
13 Summary:
15 Thread was kicked off by a proposal to modify the gentoo organization
16 structure to emphasize a 'leader' or 'central distribution vision'. This generated
17 alot of disagreement as most devs appear to be quite happy with the current
18 gentoo progress and had no interest in reversing what they had seen as the
19 gradual 'democratization' without any compelling reason. The experiences of
20 other distributions and the history with drobbins was brought up to strengthen
21 that argument.
22 At that point, the thread went off on several tangents relating to 'how come
23 we cant all get along', 'we need more communication', and 'yes, in fact - there
24 really has been lots of progress within gentoo the last few years'. It was gradually
25 realized that the dissatisfied group was primarily composed of enterprise gentoo
26 proponents who had had enough of waiting for GLEP19 implementation and some
27 leadership that could impose some form of enterprise gentoo.
28 Naturally, the non-enterprise devs didnt want to have enterprise support work imposed
29 on them or have the gentoo organizational structure significantly changed for
30 enterprise reasons. Several comments were made that perhaps enterprise developers
31 should spin off their own version of gentoo, produce some code rather whining, and/or
32 just drop gentoo all together and go work for some other commercial distribution company
33 that would have the $$ and resources possible to make things happen for them.
34 At that point, some of the enterprise devs had enough and decided not to continue
35 the discussion. Others said they would put together their own proposals.
37 My Recommendations for Action Plan:
39 1) enterprise devs form their own mailing list and/or herd and spend the next several
40 weeks attempting to come up with a consensus on a GLEP that might realistically
41 address their needs. There is no need for the details to be worked out on the -dev
42 ml. Once a consensus is reached, it can be proposed and discussed on -dev like
43 all other GLEPS. Note, that I think this thread can be mined for a rather comprehensive
44 list of issues that would need to be addressed by the GLEP.
46 2) Other devs should probably realize that this isnt a one way street. Enterprise devs
47 have contributed to many other areas of gentoo and if they are dissatisfied it might impact
48 other areas of gentoo development. Furthermore, as the gentoo foundation is a rather
49 cash poor organization, enterprise development might be a way to bring in badly needed
50 funds without compromising our principles or greatly increasing the overall developer
51 workload. These issues would have to be addressed by the GLEP, but this isnt an issue
52 that only impacts enterprise devs.
54 3) It might be the consensus that there is no solution here. We should all be willing to face
55 that and be willing to take the consequences if it is true. Either way, the enterprise support
56 aspect has been a significant source of confusion and we need to get a clear and fair
57 resolution determined and communicated to the entire gentoo community within the next
58 few months.
60 Regards,
61 MattM
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