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From: Patrick Lauer <patrick@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Things one could be upset about
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 11:37:36
Message-Id: 1918793.k1iUl3CeII@localhost
1 Here's a random unsorted list of things that it would make sense to be upset
2 about. Some issues that people have successfully ignored for a few years ...
4 In no way exhaustive list, feel free to remember a dozen things I forgot ;)
5 (If you suggest other things please try to offer constructive criticism,
6 i.e. possible strategies to fix issues ... whining by itself is not very
7 useful)
9 * stable genkernel still doesn't enable all useful kernel features
10 e.g. accounting statistics are absent, so iotop doesn't work ootb
11 See for example #442936 (from 2012 ?!)
12 Fix: Stable newer versions
14 * stage3 still enables bindist in make.conf
15 See
16 Causes random breakage of tools like wget/curl, etc.
17 Fix: poke releng until they stop being silly
19 * AutoRepoman catches on average maybe 2 user-visible breakages.
20 Mostly removing stable on HPPA ;)
21 Fix: Make repoman faster (tree-wide scans take ~2 CPU-hours)
22 Fix: Remind people that using repoman is not optional
24 * Portage is too slow
25 On 'small' hardware emerge -upNDv @world can take enough time
26 to make updates prohibitive - on an 800Mhz machine it took me
27 about 3 days to figure out a solution to some silly blockers due to the
28 very slow change test cycle
29 Fix: Do some profiling and un-refactoring to remove useless code
30 Fix: Set up a reference system (CI) to catch future regressions
32 * Stage3 archives are too fat
33 See
34 We're now shipping three python versions and glib for extra fun!
35 Fix: Motivate releng to stop being silly
37 * AutoRepoman catches issues, but no one but me seems to care
38 Fix: Remind people of
39 Fix: Make it yell louder? It currently reports on IRC to #gentoo-{bugs,qa}
41 * AutoRepoman still runs on my hardware
42 Fix: Remind infra of
44 * mail archives have been broken since 2012
45 Fix: get infra to either fix it, or provide enough information that it can
46 be fixed. See
48 * only partially functional (web interface / cgit
49 down)
51 * euscan doesn't run on infra hardware
52 Fix:
54 * libreoffice-bin isn't built on infra hardware
55 Fix: Remind infra to set up a build environment for that
57 * Some stable bugs are left alone for months
58 See e.g.
59 Fix: Have more people work on stable bugs
60 Fix: Motivate people to file more stable bugs (continuous updates)
62 * Updates from very old installs are still difficult
63 Fix: Collect stage3 archives and tree snapshots maybe every 3 months apart
64 then update from one snapshot to the next. Possibly fix upgrade bugs
65 retroactively in the snapshots and automate the process
68 It'd be nice to have such things fixed, but alas, many rely on someone else to
69 respond. And for some there's no 'easy' solution.
71 But they can all be fixed.
73 Let's not tolerate mediocrity.
75 Take care,
77 Patrick