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From: Simon Watson <simon@×××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Lack of Gnome Development
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 17:43:38
1 Hello,
3 I recently joined the #gentoo-bugs channel on the bug day on Saturday
4 3rd July. I wanted to help out with getting some of the gnome-related
5 bugs removed, as well as getting gnome bumped up to the latest point
6 releases.
8 I tried this after submitting my own ebuild, getting on for a month ago,
9 which resulted in the following unhelpful response shown at:
10 - and has not yet been updated.
12 My attempt at creating further discussion with very helpful advice from
13 kloeri on IRC resulted
14 being created. There has not yet been any comment on that from any gnome
15 devs.
17 I understand that developers must be under pressure, and that they
18 cannot have updates ready as soon as the software is released. However
19 most of gnome in portage is nearly a month old, with no packages for the
20 latest "stable" releases in the unstable branch. I have been bumping
21 most of this software locally, and unless I have missed something, they
22 are very simple updates that involve merely copying the ebuilds to their
23 new version names. I note that the gnome team was not advertising for
24 new developers during the bug day. May I suggest that this happens?
26 This is not in anyway intended to annoy/anger/upset/get at anybody. It
27 is just an attempt to get Gnome in portage a little more up to date than
28 it currently is.
30 Thank you for your time,
32 Simon
35 --
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