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From: Aron Griffis <agriffis@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ekeyword and ordering
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 22:26:24
1 Hi guys,
3 As some of you have noticed, I made a change recently in ekeyword that
4 causes ekeyword to alphabetize the keywords. I've realized I should
5 have brought it up for discussion before making the change to the
6 program. On that note, I apologize for unilaterally making that
7 change without consulting the developer body for opinions.
9 Here is the the fuzzy history of keywording in a nutshell. Please
10 bear in mind that these bullet points happened over a period of years.
12 - Daniel originally wanted them alphabetized.
14 - A few people, myself included, pointed out that there's some
15 valuable information available when keywords are always added to
16 the end rather than being alphabetized. In particular, the
17 concept of a "maintainer arch" is possible, in which the first
18 arch in the list is supposed to indicate general stability of
19 the ebuild, a leader for other arches to follow.
21 - Some people disagreed with the "maintainer arch" concept. They
22 felt that the arch teams do a better job of testing than some
23 maintainers, and there's no point waiting for a maintainer to
24 decide something is stable.
26 - Some developers recently mentioned to me that alphabetizing
27 would probably be fine. At this point I felt that the tree was
28 diluted enough that there was no point resisting, so I went
29 ahead and made the change silently.
31 - My action was questioned privately on IRC, and I realized
32 I made the decision without proper discussion. So I'm writing
33 this email.
35 Honestly, the arguments aren't very strong in either direction.
36 I think everybody understands this, but nonetheless people have their
37 preferences. Here are some of the basic arguments:
39 alpha
40 -----------------------------
41 - looks nicer (subjective)
42 - easier to tell at a glance if a given keyword is in the list
44 append
45 -----------------------------
46 - slightly less cvs/rsync traffic
47 - allows "maintainer arch" to continue until another solution is
48 produced, for those who still depend on that method
49 - some developers are accustomed to the "append" method and don't want
50 things to change, at least not without discussion
52 I am willing to revert the ekeyword change if that is what devs would
53 prefer, but I won't make the change without a discussion on -dev,
54 which was my mistake last time. Your thoughts?
56 If the thread isn't obviously unified one direction or the other,
57 I guess we'll eventually put this up to a developer or manager vote
58 (I'm not sure which is appropriate)
60 Regards,
61 Aron
63 --
64 Aron Griffis
65 Gentoo Linux Developer


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