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From: Brian Harring <ferringb@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] DISTDIR ebuild changes.
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 01:31:44
1 Yo.
3 Shouldn't be an issue unless you're doing something crazy, but the
4 DISTDIR var exported to ebuilds will now point to an intermediate
5 directory; all files stated via SRC_URI will be symlinks pointing back
6 to the actual file in DISTDIR.
8 Why? Well prior to this modification, it was possible for ebuild devs
9 to overlook unstated SRC_URI files. Eg, direct access to DISTDIR,
10 even if the file wasn't stated in SRC_URI, they still could use it.
12 They also could commit it, where it would break for anyone who used it.
13 Happens on occasion. Other angle is that RESTRICT="fetch", due to the
14 fact portage isn't fetching, it was possible for the file to be left
15 out of SRC_URI (thus no digest info).
17 With this mod, if it's not stated in SRC_URI, it's not accessible.
18 Basically, if your ebuild is broke, it *will* break now rather then
19 working locally for you.
21 Downside is that since certain class of ebuilds don't state their
22 files in SRC_URI (namely subversion and cvs based ebuilds), they're
23 broken by the change. So... PORTAGE_ACTUAL_DISTDIR is added (eclasses
24 modified already for it), that holds the actual DISTDIR location.
26 Don't use PORTAGE_ACTUAL_DISTDIR unless you have to. Four cases where
27 it's valid in the tree, shouldn't be anymore.
29 That var *will* go away when/if cvs/svn support is via SRC_URI.
30 Meanwhile, notifying y'all so any further complaining/issues are
31 stated before this goes stable.
33 Bug in question is 117440
36 Questions, either comment here or track me down in irc.
38 ~harring