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From: schism@×××××××××.org
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Arbitrary breakage: sys-fs/cryptsetup
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 13:49:47
1 Normally I don't take to the skies with this sort of thing, but this was
2 ridiculous. In what I am sure was a well-intentioned change, cryptsetup
3 recently silently lost its default USE=static status. For one of the
4 many people actually using cryptsetup in an initrd, this came as a
5 lovely surprise this morning as I found my new kernel/initrd completely
6 unbootable.
8 To compound matters, udev-181's incompatibility with my old kernel (no
9 DEVTMPFS, separate /usr), and my primary system was completely
10 unbootable.
12 Please - if you're going to significantly change functionality that
13 (whether correct or not) people have come to depend on, have the decency
14 to at least publish a news article on it. I may find 'eselect news'
15 annoying, but I at least read it. Before we get to bikeshedding, I'm
16 well aware there were multiple ways to have prevented this, but none of
17 them were in place [1]. What was in place was default behavior that had
18 been there for a very long time.
21 [1] For one, genkernel should bomb out if it can't comply with a
22 command-line arg instead of just putting non-alert text up.


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