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From: Klavs Klavsen <kl@××××.dk>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Do we want optimal performance?
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:16:21
Message-Id: 33333.
1 Hi guys,
3 Just read an interesting article about Xeon vs. Opteron from anandtech -
4 where they really show how much difference compile optimizations (or not)
5 does - and how it differs for different programs for different processors.
9 To me this clearly shows, that if Gentoo wants the best performance - we
10 can't use a "one cflags fits them all" approach. I do know that if a
11 program breaks, those CFLAGS are pulled out in the individual ebuild, but
12 this is not due to poor performance.
14 IMHO the only way for Gentoo to prove its true potential - is to somehow
15 build an array of compile options, with CPU's on X, programs on Y and
16 GCC-version on Z. Getting the numbers for each CPU, will ofcourse require
17 writing tests, for each program - but IMHO this can be done, if we do it
18 one at a time.
20 I would suggest these tests be included like the gentoo-stats program, as
21 something the individual Gentooist can choose to run after each compile -
22 which would give him the optimal performance (and recompile X number of
23 times to test different flags out) on his CPU/program/GCCversion
24 combination, and at the same time, send the result to a Gentoo database.
26 I know I would definetely have the patience to let it test and test again,
27 if it meant more performance for me Smile
29 The end result should be, that Gentoo automagically selects the optimal
30 CFLAGS (in performance and stability - perhaps with some optimizations
31 flagged as "unstable" so people can select "optimize for performance" vs.
32 "optimize for stability") depending on the X, Y and Z from above.
34 I would very much like to be one of the guys that gets the ball rolling,
35 but as I'm not a Gentoo Dev - We (or just I) need to agree with the Gentoo
36 Dev's on how this could best be done.
38 What do you think? am I crazy? It seems to me that the anandtech tests
39 shows that it is more than just a 1% or 2% difference, with the right
40 CFLAGS - and that the right CFLAGS for one program, can be the worst for
41 another on same CPU/GCC combination.
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45 Regards,
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