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From: Mike Frysinger <vapier@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] glibc: pt_chown setuid going away by default
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 05:14:46
1 tl;dr: make sure your /dev/pts is mounted correctly w/gid=5 or bad things will
2 happen and it's (probably) all your fault
4 when you run grantpt(), glibc attempts to set up your pty with correct
5 ownership & permissions. it does so by executing a setuid helper called
6 pt_chown as needed. we all know setuid==bad, so let's do something about it.
8 this system is a throw back to the bad old bsd pty days where you had a ton of
9 pre-allocated nodes in /dev/ named pty??. since the user has requested a new
10 pty, the system had to make sure it had correct permissions before giving it
11 back (it might be the default of root:root, or it might have the previous
12 user's settings which would be super bad). this system sucks for many
13 reasons.
15 with Linux, we have devpts mounted at /dev/pts/ which provides dynamic UNIX 98
16 ptys via the /dev/ptmx control node. the kernel knows that when you request a
17 new pty, the sane thing is to set the default uid/gid to your own process's
18 uid/gid. it even goes further and allows you to specify (at mount time)
19 default gid/permissions.
21 with openrc (and in baselayout-1.12, but i'm pretty sure it's been this way
22 for even longer), our default mount uses gid=5 (the tty group) and mode=620
23 (what we want). that means when a new pty is requested, the kernel
24 automatically sets the ownership of the new file to the process's uid and the
25 mounted group setting (tty), as well as setting the perms to 620.
27 back to glibc, when you call grantpt(), it checks the current uid/gid/mode.
28 if they all match what it expects (and it should with our default devpts mount
29 opts), it returns w/out doing any real work (like calling the setuid pt_chown
30 helper). that means this binary is sitting around with setuid perms for no
31 good reason.
33 i plan on updating the latest glibc to add USE=suid. in pkg_preinst and
34 ROOT==/, the ebuild will read /proc/mounts for a devpts line with gid=5. if
35 it doesn't find one, i'll have it call `die`. if the bsd pty scenario wasn't
36 long dead, and the devpts option didn't have gid=/mode= options, then it might
37 be reasonable to have it warn and do `chmod +s`. but i can't think of any
38 legitimate reasons for not using devpts & mounting it correctly. this is the
39 right answer even in the embedded world.
40 -mike


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