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From: Patrick Lauer <patrick@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Is Gentoo a Phoenix?
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 09:44:46
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Is Gentoo dying? by Tobias Scherbaum
1 On 04/03/10 11:16, Tobias Scherbaum wrote:
2 > Hell no, but ...
3 >
4 > We have lots of quite understaffed areas, to sum up in a positive way.
5 > Summing it up the negative way one might say, we have lots of areas were
6 > users might get the idea Gentoo already is dead.
8 So what are _you_ doing to make it better?
10 > For example:
11 > - hardened-sources are nowadays only available in an experimental
12 > overlay, lots of users keep asking what's happening to the
13 > hardened-sources on both the -dev but also the -hardened mailinglist.
14 > Yeah, we do have people working on hardened stuff, but if people just
15 > take what's happening in the portage tree they might think that the
16 > hardened stuff they're relying on for their business isn't supported any
17 > longer.
18 With Zorry we just got a new recruit for working on hardened things,
19 especially toolchain. It's not as dead as you make it sound ...
22 > - Our formerly outstanding documentation still is somewhat maintained,
23 > but that's it. I haven't seen any new additions (both to our docs, but
24 > also to our docs-team) for years. People are constantly asking for a
25 > documentation wiki, but ...
26 yeah, as long as no one just creates a wiki there won't be one. People
27 are waiting on other people, who are waiting for Godot. Just do it.
29 I remember the long and whiny road to get a blog aggregator - what
30 killed the waiting deadlock was simply karltk setting up one (unofficial
31 etc.etc.) and suddenly people saw that it was good.
33 > - Understaffed herds: For example net-mail, netmon and others - were
34 > missing lots of developers and their support in lots of areas. Sadly
35 > those areas are mostly those ones, one might need packages for their
36 > business servers from.
37 And still, when someone tries to fix things in such an understaffed herd
38 people go all territorial and are like "omg u touched my package".
39 Right now I'm quite confused what our project strategy seems to be, as
40 far as I can tell there's one group aiming for an aesthetical optimum
41 and the other group just wants to get things fixed. And they are not
42 cooperating well ...
44 > So - what to do now?
45 For me it's simple. I try to
46 - dedicate time to fixing things. Takes lots of time, can be demotivating
47 - try to motivate and recruit new users - hard to motivate them, and
48 with our current recruiting setup it's hard to keep them motivated
49 - not get demotivated by the "OMG it's all bad" attitude some people radiate
51 And don't just start discussing how to discuss things. That's not going
52 to work. You'll end up with a pretty specific plan how to discuss the
53 whole thing, then get bored and not discuss it at all.
55 Just start fixing things. Set yourself some personal goals (do on
56 average one commit a day? fix one bug a day?) and try to reach them. If
57 you do, set yourself some new goals.
59 I have found some pretty amazing proxy-maintainers in the last weeks,
60 there's quite a lot of progress happening. There's still lots of
61 potential, but most people only start interacting with us once we have
62 started to show some activity.
64 Right now we might be in a not-that-excellent position, but it won't
65 just go away. It needs all of us to _do_ something.
67 wkr,
69 Patrick


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