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From: John Robinson <strider@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: RE: [gentoo-dev] A nice idea to improve portage
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 20:12:02
1 > Just a quick note. I agree completely that portage must somehow output
2 > this information after a massive emerge, or store it somewhere, however,
3 > I question the sanity of yet another small utility. We already have
4 > etc-update, env-update, modules-update and a host of other 'small'
5 > applications. In my experience helping people on #gentoo, one of the
6 > most common problems is the average new gentoo user's lack of awareness
7 > of the existence of these small helper applications.
9 I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't mean to suggest an update
10 utility, and I didn't read anyone else's posts to mean that, either. I
11 can see how that would be a logical next step from what was said, but I
12 had rather the idea that Balaji was envisioning something more like a
13 log, which the user could check manually if he or she felt like it.
15 Now that you mention it, Gentoo tends to deal with such logs by way of
16 update applications, but in my mind the most that's needed would be a
17 file listing the "run ebuild config" sorts of messages generated by an
18 emerge. The next time an emerge was run, this file would be replaced.
20 > Integrating this with etc-update or another -update application seems
21 > like a far better idea than just writing another script.
23 > In fact, the idea of replacing all of said applications with ONE
24 > gentoo-update seems like something that should be approached in the near
25 > future. Even if gentoo-update is just a shell script that calls other
26 > shell scripts.
28 I completely agree. I'd love to see that.
30 - John
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