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From: Ned Ludd <solar@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Replace 'sash' with 'busybox' as our static rescue shell
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:18:07
Message-Id: 1114179312.32174.5.camel@localhost
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Replace 'sash' with 'busybox' as our static rescue shell by Spider
1 On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 16:03 +0200, Spider wrote:
2 > On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 09:38 -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote:
3 >> [STUFF]..
6 > Oh, and unless you have another editor as binary built into your shell,
7 > don't remove ed. A "trusted" editor is good. Sash is seldom used for
8 > "My system is haxxored" however its often used for "I fucked up glibc"
9 > and an editor is a handy thing, even if its as obscure as "ed"
11 busybox.static would provide a minimal vi editor.
13 A default compile should produce the following applets (give or take a
14 few based on what the new ebuild will provide)
16 [, addgroup, adduser, adjtimex, ar, arping, ash, awk, basename,
17 bunzip2, busybox, bzcat, cal, cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, chroot,
18 chvt, clear, cmp, cp, cpio, crond, crontab, cut, date, dc, dd,
19 deallocvt, delgroup, deluser, devfsd, df, dirname, dmesg, dos2unix,
20 dpkg, dpkg-deb, du, dumpkmap, dumpleases, echo, egrep, env, expr,
21 false, fbset, fdflush, fdformat, fdisk, fgrep, find, fold, free,
22 freeramdisk, fsck.minix, ftpget, ftpput, getopt, getty, grep,
23 gunzip, gzip, halt, hdparm, head, hexdump, hostid, hostname, httpd,
24 hush, hwclock, id, ifconfig, ifdown, ifup, inetd, init, insmod,
25 install, ip, ipaddr, ipcalc, iplink, iproute, iptunnel, kill,
26 killall, klogd, lash, last, length, linuxrc, ln, loadfont, loadkmap,
27 logger, login, logname, logread, losetup, ls, lsmod, makedevs,
28 md5sum, mesg, mkdir, mkfifo, mkfs.minix, mknod, mkswap, mktemp,
29 modprobe, more, mount, msh, mt, mv, nameif, nc, netstat, nslookup,
30 od, openvt, passwd, patch, pidof, ping, ping6, pipe_progress,
31 pivot_root, poweroff, printf, ps, pwd, rdate, readlink, realpath,
32 reboot, renice, reset, rm, rmdir, rmmod, route, rpm, rpm2cpio,
33 run-parts, rx, sed, seq, setkeycodes, sh, sha1sum, sleep, sort,
34 start-stop-daemon, strings, stty, su, sulogin, swapoff, swapon,
35 sync, sysctl, syslogd, tail, tar, tee, telnet, telnetd, test,
36 tftp, time, top, touch, tr, traceroute, true, tty, udhcpc, udhcpd,
37 umount, uname, uncompress, uniq, unix2dos, unzip, uptime, usleep,
38 uudecode, uuencode, vconfig, vi, vlock, watch, watchdog, wc, wget,
39 which, who, whoami, xargs, yes, zcat
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