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From: "Chad M. Huneycutt" <chad.huneycutt@×××.org>
To: gentoo-user@g.o, gentoo-newbie@g.o, gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Reply-To Munging
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 11:31:08
It looks like the decision on whether or not to stop reply-to munging has 
fallen to me.  After a little debate, I have decided to leave the mailing 
lists as they are.

First, I would ask that everyone read the excellent articles at the 
following URLs:

They pretty well cover the pros & cons of reply-to munging.  I find the 
latter article much more compelling, but maybe that is b/c I like the 
system how it is already.  I would like to add one more point. I personally 
do not use the "group reply" function on MUA's unless I really need to.  I 
don't want to even risk getting into the habit of hitting that and 
accidentally mass-mailing a personal mail.  You might notice that this is 
very similar to an argument made in the first article above.  My response 
is that it is very unlikely that I will be mailing information of a 
personal nature in response to a mailing list posting.

For those that want people to use a different address than their From: 
address, I suggest you put it in your signature.

Feel free to respond to this, and if I feel that an overwhelming number of 
you really would prefer to do away with Reply-to munging, then I will do it.

One other thing that I will consider.  If a particular mailing list feels 
that reply-to munging is not necessarily, we could remove it just for that 

Chad Huneycutt (chadh@g.o)