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From: Michael Cummings <mcummings@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo-Bugger is looking for testers :-)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 12:32:03
3 Sorry for the caps, but I wanted that to be clear from the start so there
4 wasn't any confusion. I'm looking for testers of gentoo-bugger. Anyone
5 interested please give it a whirl, report any bugs, complaints, RFF's, etc.
6 Please email me directly with questions - I'm subscribed to -dev, but am
7 horrible at reading my mailing list mail in a timely fashion.
9 What is it?
10 Gentoo-Bugger is a commandline, perl application for interfacing
11 with an existing bugzilla account on Gentoo's Bug server.
12 Gentoo-Bugger does not create an account for you; it could, but at
13 this time that seems like a bad idea (easily abused). Gentoo-Bugger
14 simulates a web connection to the bugzilla server, allowing you to
15 create new bugs, edit (if you're a dev?) existing bugs, show bugs,
16 upload attachments, download attachments, etc., etc., etc. Pretty
17 much *almost* all of the functionality you have with a web browser,
18 but on the command line in one shot fashion. In addition, bugger
19 will support multiple accounts for bugzilla. The idea here is that
20 it could potentially be used with other bugzilla systems (this is
21 neither tested nor confirmed, and known not to be true in the case
22 of mozilla's bugzilla system). Its a theory anyway.
24 Why?
25 There are users and devs out there, and you know who you are, who
26 need to be able to access bugs quickly, update a bug fast, without
27 the overhead and interface of a web browser.
29 Where?
31 You will want to download the gentoo-bugger-testing package. This is
32 in fact newer than the point release listed and contains additions
33 and fixes not found elsewhere (heh).
35 What else?
36 The real "functionality" of Gentoo-Bugger is all located in a perl
37 module. So if you know perl, and feel like hacking away at figuring
38 out how my brain works, and how poorly I can write a module, the
39 perl module itself (installs into the Gentoo::Bugger namespace) can
40 be used for other purposes, such as pulling and rdf feed from your
41 current bugs, generating calender items, etc. Some of this will be
42 released in sample code eventually (one project at a time), but for
43 the intrepid masochist the raw tool is there now. Gentoo-Bugger is
44 an adaptation of Andy Lester's WWW::Bugzilla module, so if you are
45 familiar with the source for that, you will see some repetition. The
46 reason for the departure is that WWW::Bugzilla was designed for the
47 creation and editing of bugs only - Gentoo::Bugger is a little
48 broader in scope, with the intention of truly interacting with the
49 bugzilla system.
51 What do you need to install it?
52 dev-perl/WWW-Mechanize-1* (tested with 1.0301 and 1.02)
53 dev-perl/HTML-Strip
54 dev-perl/config-general
56 Is there an ebuild?
57 Not yet. There will be one once this is out of testing, and it will
58 be submitted to the tree in the traditional fashion - via bugzilla,
59 for review by other devs. Hubris is a beautiful thing, so I don't
60 feel comfortable being both the author and a dev to handle its
61 review for portage.
63 Bug reporting?
64 Do NOT report bugs about this on It's not in
65 portage. It's not fair to any one else on the perl team (or other
66 affected teams). Please report all bugs on sourceforge in the
67 project's area.
69 Any known bugs?
70 Not really that I am aware of. 2 "missing features" (not really
71 bugs) are
72 1) Help page mentions a tk invocation. This is not available yet due
73 to drastic changes in the original architecture. I have to start
74 that part over again (if there is even interest)
75 2) It needs better error messages. Sometimes its informative,
76 sometimes not.
78 Ok, I think that's everything. Let me know if you have any questions, and
79 thanks for reading such a long ramble :)
81 -Mike