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From: Georgy Yakovlev <gyakovlev@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Looking for co-maintainers for number of packages
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2022 04:03:11
1 I've been rather busy lately and can't keep up with all of my packages.
2 There are pending bumps, some bugs, but nothing too crazy or hard. 
3 So I'm looking for someone to co-maintain (or even take over if you
4 insist) the following packages:
6 * net-mail/notmuch
7 pseudo-autoconf NIH build system that can be PITA to work with,
8 responsive upstream. High profile package.
9 proxied maintainer in metadata has not been active lately and probably
10 should be dropped.
12 * net-irc/weechat
13 Regular but not very frequent releases, responsive upstream, cmake,
14 pretty sane and very popular.
16 * dev-cpp/abseil-cpp
17 Googleware, it's usually bundled into source, like gnulib, but some
18 projects use system copy.
19 Hardcoded flags, broken abi every other bump, may require slotting in
20 the future, some revdeps rely on older versions. Not hard to maintain,
21 but has more that usual blast radius.
23 * net-libs/grpc
24 * dev-python/grpcio
25 * dev-python/grpcio-tools
26 * dev-python/grpcio-testing
27 grpc stack, googleware again. rather frequent releases, lack of
28 portage-able tests, as tests insist on downloading gtest stack git
29 master in src_test phase.
30 Technically it's already co-maintained, but I't be beneficial if we
31 have more hands and eyes on this one.
32 python project has been helping with python packages, but lack of tests
33 makes the package somewhat risky.
34 bonus points if you can test it with tensorflow.
36 * dev-util/bear
37 Responsive upstream. Tests work but require disabling sandboxing (check
38 ebuild on how to run it). Not too hard, pretty popular.
40 * app-arch/dpkg
41 debian upstream, easy to maintain. just need extra eyeballs.
43 * app-shells/fish
44 Responsive upstream, not very frequent releases, cmake. Requires some
45 attention on non-x86 as arch bugs are rather frequent. But nothing too
46 crazy.
48 * sys-process/glances
49 Responsive upstream, easy package. Just need extra pair of eyes/hands.
51 * dev-util/google-perftools
52 Another google package, very arch-specific, big blast radius if broken.
53 Not hard to maintain, but need to be extra careful with revdeps,
54 requires alt-arch testing.
56 * app-admin/sysstat
57 pretty easy but important package. I will also offer base-system to
58 take it, as it's kinda important one.
60 * app-admin/tmpreaper
61 debian upstream, easy.
63 * x11-misc/xwallpaper
64 sane upstream, easy package. just need extra hands. probably most
65 secure wallpaper setter out there ;-)
68 Thanks, Georgy.
70 PS. Huge bonus if you can test packages not only on x86_64.
71 Ofc I can help with some gotchas in packages and have no plans on
72 abandoning those completely, but realistically I'm not doing enough to
73 keep those properly maintained at the moment.