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From: Meir Kriheli <mksoft@×××××××××××××.il>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] dev-db/firebird-1.0.3 - Please test
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 22:25:22

Please help testing the new ebuild for dev/db-firebird. It's currently marked 
as ~x86, so make sure to have it in ACCEPT_KEYWORDS.

This ebuild should close bugs #15071 and #16237. It features the following 

- Kills lingering gds_lock_mgr processes left after emerging (#15071)
- latest stable firebird release  - (#16237)
- firebird placed under /etc/xinet.d (disabled by default)
- 70firebird placed under env.d to add PATH, ROOT_PATH and CONFIG_PROTECT
- config function to add gds_db to /etc/services
- isc4.gdb and isc_config moved to /etc/firebird and symlinks to them under 
/opt/interbase added. This will prevent fututre emerges from overwriting the 
passwords db (which is the current situation).

Right now it is just for the classic (i.e: inet) server. The super (i.e.: 
standalone daemon) will be added hopefully soon.

Please backup your current isc4.gdb if you have any and move it to 
/opt/firebird after emerge.


Meir Kriheli
MKsoft systems

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