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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Who is willing to be lead?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 00:20:38
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Who is willing to be lead? by Vincent-Xavier JUMEL
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4 Allo.
6 On 10-04-2010 14:09, Vincent-Xavier JUMEL wrote:
7 > Le samedi 10 avril 2010 15:53:48, Petteri Räty a écrit :
8 >> As people seem to want the council to take action I offer to take
9 >> action. As it's impossible for me to do everything myself I offer to act
10 >> as a project manager/owner for people willing to donate their time to
11 >> whatever I see worthy for Gentoo as whole like the web page redesign.
12 >> Basically you tell me how many hours you have and I'll give you stuff to
13 >> work on. It might not be glorious at times like cleaning up a piece of
14 >> documentation but why not spend an hour a week on something that
15 >> benefits the project? If people are interested, I'll work out the details.
16 >>
17 > Since I'm quite new to this list, I'll start by a quick presentation.
18 >
19 > I'm a french math teacher who loves computer science and Free Software. I've
20 > discovered Gentoo circa 2004 at school and since then it perfectly matches my
21 > needs and way of thinking.
22 >
23 > I'm writing some personal ebuilds that I've never took time to clean up and
24 > upload to sunrise since it works for me. You may find a sympa ebuild at my
25 > personal repo[1]
26 >
27 > I'm not sure I've enough time to involve myself as a Gentoo developer (even if
28 > a maintain my own sympa ebuild and other) but I want to help Gentoo project.
29 >
30 > I could easily donate some time, but I don't know where to begin, so I'm glad
31 > of your offer to direct me to something useful.
33 I'm sending you an email directly (and cc'ing Recruiters and User
34 Relations) as I want to try to get some accomplishment from all the buzz
35 in our mailing lists.
37 In case you want to know more about the recruitment process, I'm posting
38 below our (recruiters) default reply to such inquiries.
40 If you suspect or conclude that you don't have the time and or
41 motivation to become a Gentoo Developer, I'd still like very much to see
42 how we can help you contribute to Gentoo in a way that his rewarding to
43 you and that will be of help to the whole community.
45 To that effect, are there any particular areas in Gentoo that you would
46 like to contribute to or do you have particular skills that you think
47 could be of use to Gentoo? What communication channels are you willing
48 and or capable to use? I'll do my best to try find the relevant teams on
49 Gentoo and get you in touch with their developers.
51 > Cheers
52 >
53 > [1] :
54 >
55 > P.S. Sorry, this web page is still in French as my signature
57 No problem. I can read French and we do have some French speaking
58 developers. I will try to save you from my "murdering" of the language
59 though ;-) and will reply in English or let one of the others reply in
60 French.
62 Please feel free to email me directly, poke me on the Freenode or OFTC
63 IRC networks (my nick is jmbsvicetto) as well as emailing the recruiters
64 or userrel alias for any further requests, questions or comments. We'd
65 also like to hear any suggestions you may have.
68 - ------------ Recruiters default email ------------
70 We are very actively looking for interested people. You can start
71 contributing right now if you want. Two good ways to start are
72 proposing solutions for bugs [1] and contributing to an overlay [2]
73 like Sunrise for example [3]. There is more information on how to
74 get involved with overlay development at [4]. You may also want to
75 have a look at the staffing needs page [5].
77 If you have written ebuilds, feel free to submit them to bugzilla
78 [1] or sunrise [3]. This way we can all see them and help you make
79 them better. Also, you never know, some developer may like what you
80 did and commit it to the main tree. Note that we're all very busy so
81 we may not react to your bugs, but that should not prevent you from
82 filing them. Bugzilla is also used for documenting work that needs to
83 be done and following up on it, so if the bugs sit there even if
84 nobody reacts it's already useful.
86 You will need to read the Gentoo Documentation Resources [6], and more
87 specifically the Gentoo Developer Handbook [7] and the Gentoo
88 Development Guide [8].
90 Another way to help, especially for non-technical projects, is to
91 contact people directly [9]. Be aware that they can be away though, so
92 be patient, try others on the same project, and finally get back to us
93 in case you fail to reach anybody. You may also want to look at what
94 mailing lists are of interest to you [10] and browse through the
95 archives [11] to learn what is going on.
97 Training new developers takes a lot of time and effort so we don't
98 recruit as much as we would like and need. Before you can enter the
99 recruiting process though, you'll need to show what you can do. We do
100 this for many reasons but mainly because it shows your commitment to
101 Gentoo (since training takes so much time we favor people who we know
102 will stay), it shows what your interests are (you'll need to find a
103 mentor with the same interests to start your training) and it tells us
104 how much and what kind of training you need.
106 So, start filing and more importantly fixing bugs, submit ebuilds, be
107 active on our irc channels and mailing lists, and at some point you'll
108 get noticed. When a developer notices you, (s)he may ask you to join
109 an arch testing team, an herd or offer to mentor you. When you think
110 your work is significant enough and you find out that nobody notices
111 you when they should be, feel free to contact us again and we'll try
112 and arrange the situation.
114 Are there any particular areas that interest you? Have you tried to
115 join any project's irc channels[12]? Sometimes the best way to get
116 a mentor is through direct contact with devs - be it through
117 bugzilla, mls or irc.
119 Do not hesitate to contact recruiters in the future in case you need
120 more information.
122 [1] -
123 [2] -
124 [3] -
125 [4] -
126 [5] -
127 [6] -
128 [7] -
129 [8] -
130 [9] -
131 [10] -
132 [11] -
133 [12] -
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137 Regards,
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