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From: Taylor Christopher P <ct@××××××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Portage Ported to OS X
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 01:03:00
1 Over the weekend, I was able to 'port portage' to run on OS X 10.1. I've a
2 couple questions about this whole process...
4 First off, rsync doesn't like this expression:
6 /usr/bin/rsync -rlptDvz --progress --stats --delete --timeout=180
7 --exclude='distfiles/*' --exclude='packages/*'
8 rsync://* /sw/usr/portage
10 when i run the same command using this rsync location
12 rsync://
14 My shell [tcsh and bash] doesn't respond with a "rsync is bitching about a
15 malformed rsync expression".
17 So to finalize my question, how can i remove that last "*" from the rsync
18 expression? I've greped the emerge files and portage source files with
19 little/no success.
21 My second question is related to package maintainership. Do i need to
22 create a new ARCH variable? Something like "Darwin5.6-Apple-PPC"?
24 I've read the threads on porting portage to different gnu/linux distros
25 [that's how i went about porting portage to os x/darwin] and the thread
26 from the guy that ported portage to FreeBSD. No real success there, hence,
27 the email to this listserv.
29 Any input/help about this stuff would be much appreciated. Oh, I've almost
30 figured out the group/user permission issues with os x. It's weird b/c
31 editing the passwd and group files in /etc doesn't really work like it
32 does in the standard *nix enviornment.
34 And if anyone else is doing something like this with some success - I'd
35 like some help or just a note so that I know that I'm not the only one
36 who's not a fan of Fink or the gnu-darwin ports projects [they're
37 packages are too old and i don't really like their systems, I love
38 portage on my desktop machine and i think having it on darwin/os x would
39 be very cool].
41 thanks all,
42 Christopher Paul Taylor, Clemson University Computer Science Dept.
44 --
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