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From: Karl Hammerschmidt <stuffynose@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] link to tuxcds
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 19:57:59
Message-Id: 001001c2311a$cad5b8b0$0200a8c0@dellfromhell
1 Some time ago, Karl Babcock posted a request on gentoo-dev, asking to be listed as a supplier of CD-ROMs.
3 I followed the link, and I have had some trouble with them, so I thought you might want know about it.
5 Here's the story:
7 I ordered Gentoo 1.2 (i686) on July 1st. The transaction was listed as cleared on my PayPal account, but the status page on TuxCDs continues to list the status as "awaiting payment". I sent them an e-mail on the 14th, but I haven't heard back, and it's the 21st.
9 I also found some complaints on the debian mailing lists:
11 To: "linux" <debian-user@××××××××××××.org>
12 Subject: condemn a Debian distributor!!!
13 From: "fti International" <fti@×××.net>
14 Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 12:47:35 -0600
16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
17 Hi All:
19 I recently purchased a 3-cd set of Official Debain Linux 2.2r5 i386 from
20 Unfortunately, the disc1 is bad: apt cannot build the
21 index of packages from it. Since disc1 contains the most
22 important packages for linux, and the won't send me
23 a new cd (you cannot believe this, esp. considering the FREE
24 principle of Debain), I am stuck at this point, and the network
25 pieces for my pc is not ready yet.
27 Can somebody send me a copy of the disc1 of Debain 2.2r5 i386 if
28 you have one. I can pay you if you like. (I think the postage cost
29 is about 32 cents for just one cd). I am
31 Cong Xing
32 3809 Lake Trail Dr.
33 Kenner, LA 70065
35 ----------
37 FROM: Kurt Welgehausen
38 DATE: 02/20/2002 10:14:46
39 SUBJECT: Vendor problem
41 I recently tried to buy Debian CDs from;
42 they were listed prominently at the top of your
43 vendor list. I placed the order on their web site
44 and mailed them a check, since they don't take
45 credit cards directly and I wasn't in a big hurry.
47 After waiting more than 2 weeks, I asked them to
48 check the status of my order. They replied that
49 they had received my check that very day (what a
50 coincidence) and that they would probably hold
51 the order another week or 2 to be sure the check
52 was good.
54 I doubt the story, and I'm not impressed with their
55 notion of customer service. You may want to con-
56 sider de-listing them to protect your users and
57 your reputation.
59 Regards,
60 Kurt Welgehausen