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From: Robert <racsw@×××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Wait on 2.4.20 kernel for v1.4 final?
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 19:19:54
1 I can almost guess the answer, but the question is whether Gentoo can wait for
2 the 2.4.20 kernel before distributing their final version?
3 The reason is that I was recently informed that the 2.4.19 has issues with
4 ATAPI drives, this info I have included below.
6 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
7 The root of your problem is that in current 2.4.x kernels, if you don't have a
8 piece of media in your removable media ATAPI drive (your ZIP drive) when you
9 boot the kernel, and you are using devfs, the drive will not show up in
10 /dev/discs. Also, if you are using devfsd, no compatibility symlinks will be
11 created, since the main entry was not created. Even if you do have media in
12 the
13 drive when you boot the kernel, if you later change media the kernel will not
14 do
15 a very good job of updating the /dev entries to match the new media.
16 <snip>
17 The simple solution is to wait for the
18 2.4.20 kernel to be released, it should have a patch to make the drive appear
19 even without media in it at boot time.
20 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
22 I'm currently using the 2.4.19 kernel and am not able to use supermount to
23 access my internal IDE Zip drive. Another fellow has been trying to talk me
24 into loading up Gentoo when 1.4 final comes out on an installation CD, but if
25 this situation exists in the kernel in your distribution, then i will
26 probably wait until 2.4.20 comes out.
28 regards,
29 Robert


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