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From: Brandon Low <lostlogic@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Sorry, I Quit
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 23:20:48
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Sorry, I Quit by Gary Whysong
1 I would be very interested in more detailed descriptions of the problems
2 that you encountered, I personally have my gentoo system installed with
3 over 750 packages (and I know others with over 800) and the only package
4 that I wish to use but which fails to merge correctly is openoffice (which
5 fails due to gcc issues not glibc issues, and is totally beyond our
6 control at the moment), it is important to note that we also have an
7 openoffice-bin package which installs from a binary package and therefore
8 should merge with no problems on most any gentoo linux system.
10 While you were having these problems, did you submit bugs to our bugzilla?
11 If the problems you were experienceing were truly errors in our system,
12 you would find that they generally get fixed within a day or two, if not
13 within a few hours (depends on the nature and complexity of the bug), did
14 you attempt to contact us during your problems? Many of the developers of
15 Gentoo are readily available on #gentoo (along with
16 hundreds of users willing to help with problems, some will help with a
17 problem for hours until it is solved, as they did for me when I first
18 installed Gentoo months ago).
20 Again, I would be very interested in a complete listing of the packages
21 you experienced failures with, and if possible any logs of said failures,
22 as that would be truly helpful in improving gentoo for everyone. However
23 an e-mail of this sort is completely unhelpful and rather offensive.
25 Sincerely,
27 Brandon Low
28 Gentoo Developer
30 On Thu, 07/25/02 at 21:08:53 -0700, Gary Whysong wrote:
31 > I've been a Linux user since 1994 and looked forward to trying Gentoo
32 > Linux 1.2 on my IBM laptop. I cut my teeth on Slackware (kernel 0.94)
33 > and certainly have compiled my share of apps. from scratch. However, I
34 > doubt anyone is a complete master of all aspects of Linux. I certainly
35 > don't pretend to be.
36 >
37 > Initially, I had minor problems getting a basic Gentoo system up.
38 > Networking gave me a little trouble due to hardware problems, but those
39 > were resolved fairly quickly.
40 >
41 > My problem is with your portage system. Basically, almost 40% of the
42 > software I've tried to install doesn't. Some of it dies with no error
43 > messages, other's with the inability to simply create directories. Open
44 > Office wouldn't compile because your glibc's are too old and I couldn't
45 > find any newer one's on your site. Permission errors abound which is
46 > rather interesting when one is running as root.
47 >
48 > You're web site maintains that your portage system is better (in
49 > design?) than Debian's apt-get and BSD's ports systems. Unfortunately,
50 > you have yet to prove it to me. I've never tried Debian and won't,
51 > since I don't care for the "Debian attitude". I have used Free BSD's
52 > ports system and have yet to see it fail. Unfortunately, I can
53 > personally attest to the fact that portage does fail, and often.
54 >
55 > With that said, I would like to compliment you on a great concept for a
56 > Linux distribution. I strongly believe you are on the right track.
57 > Unfortunately, your package system needs significant improvement. I
58 > wish you the best of luck and may try your distribution again sometime
59 > in the future. However, at the present, I need a Linux system with
60 > working applications more quickly than the week of spare time I've
61 > already taken trying to build one with Gentoo. Thus, I have little
62 > alternative but to give up on Gentoo and install Mandrake or SuSE.
63 >
64 > I wish you the best of luck in improving your Linux distribution and
65 > look forwared to trying it again in the future.
66 >
67 > Sincerely,
68 >
69 > Gary Whysong
70 > Assoc. Professor
71 > Environmental Resources
72 > Arizona State Univ. East. (Gary.Whysong@×××.edu)
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