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From: "Tiziano Müller" <dev-zero@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Lastrite: app-admin/eselect-boost & Boost plans
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 09:51:10
Message-Id: 1345801811.68322.26.camel@storm
1 Some of you may have already noticed, that boost >=1.50.0-r1 does not
2 pull in eselect-boost anymore and does not install a profile for it
3 either. This is on purpose since app-admin/eselect-boost will be
4 removed.
6 Why: the purpose of eselect-boost was to make the introduction of
7 slotted-boost easier (since we wouldn't have to fix all packages at
8 once) and to help people using Gentoo as a development platform.
9 It was never the intention that Ebuilds should depend permanently on the
10 symlinks created by eselect-boost depending on a users selection.
11 Especially with EAPI-5 slot-operators the PM must be able to assume that
12 a package depending on boost links/uses the best version of boost
13 according to its dependency specification.
15 I apologize for not having made that clear earlier.
17 How to make sure your package uses latest boost (if it doesn't detect it
18 properly)? I'm using something like this in my ebuilds which require
19 boost:
21 BOOST_PKG="$(best_version ">=dev-libs/boost-1.40.0")"
22 BOOST_VER="$(get_version_component_range 1-2 "${BOOST_PKG/*boost-/}")"
23 BOOST_VER="$(replace_all_version_separators _ "${BOOST_VER}")"
24 BOOST_INC="/usr/include/boost-${BOOST_VER}"
26 If someone has a better idea (possibly introduce pkg-config files for
27 boost) and/or write/extend an eclass to handle such cases (probably
28 similar to the db-use.eclass) I'd appreciate a helping hand.
30 Further plans:
32 When unmasking glibc-2.16, most of the old boost versions will be broken
33 and old unstable boost-versions must be removed.
34 As soon as glibc-2.16 gets stable, boost-1.50.0 has to be stabilized and
35 old stable versions of boost must be removed.
37 Boost-1.51.0: mgorny (thanks a lot, btw) and I are working on splitted
38 ebuilds. The wishlist also includes switching to the cmake-based
39 modularized boost distribution which would make the ebuilds a lot
40 easier. It would also reduce the required disk-space when building and
41 testing.
42 Since 1.51 got released already, we may decide to introduce this in 1.52
43 and release 1.51 as usual.
45 At this point I'd also like to thank hwoarang, floppym and Arfrever for
46 their help in maintaining boost... and of course everyone participating
47 in testing, bug-fixing and stabilizing that beast.
49 Ideas? Hints? Comments?
51 Cheers,
52 Tiziano