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From: Rainer Groesslinger <rainer.groesslinger@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo "stable" going in wrong direction ?
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 12:56:37
1 Hello,
3 I have been looking around for sime time in various ebuilds since Gentoo
4 introduced the "stable" and "testing/unstable" feature...
6 Well, in general I think it is a very good idea but I don't think it is used
7 as it should be !
9 For example Maik "blizzy" Schreiber told me about
10 which is something like a "voting
11 system" but almost nobody is using it (for example mozilla 1.2.1 only has
12 one vote although many thousand people are using it - with success) and if
13 you take a look at the ebuild you see that every mozilla ebuild with version
14 1.2.1 has the keyword ~x86 - so stable users don't get it although there's
15 no reason for calling Mozilla 1.2.1 "unstable"...
17 In my opinion should be a more-or-less
18 official voting system for the packages or gentoo stable will end like
19 debian stable and I don't think Gentoo wants to go *that* stable :)
21 There are just not enough users and feedback pushing unstable packages to
22 stable from what I see...
24 There was/is talk about package.mask being removed in the future - good idea
25 but I think it should look like this
27 stable: KDE 3.0.5
28 unstable: KDE3.1RC5
30 stable: Mozilla 1.2.1
31 unstable: Mozilla 1.3a
33 and so on...In short: Gentoo stable should be as close as possible to what
34 the developers of the various applications call "stable" - why not believe
35 them ? ;p
37 Currently the package.mask carries packages which have a right to be called
38 unstable, e.g. XFree 4.2.99 and so on...
39 But the stable/unstable situation in some ebuilds is a bit confusing and
40 leading in the wrong direction if continued like this ?
42 Of course every distribution needs to test individual things, make some
43 changes here and there...And to avoid a bad stable tree I highly suggesst
44 using blizzy's system...
46 I didn't know of it, he just told me some minutes ago and I think it's a
47 great chance for people to vote for it etc. - if it's used and developers
48 set their ebuilds as 'stable' according to what people voted (or not)...
51 Just my opinion about current stable/unstable things...
52 Rainer
56 --
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